Earn Gun Master Medal in BR (March) Game Information!

Earn Gun Master Medal in BR smoothcreationsonline

Earn Gun Master Medal in BR (March) Game Information! >> This article gives you a detailed description of how you can earn special medals with extra powers that can enhance the game. 

Are you into shooting games? Or those warfare zones attract you? Then, this article has everything you will like today. 

Today’s article is – Earn Gun Master Medal in BR; you did not read it wrong. You can earn this medal while playing your favorite game, call of duty. The game is often played popularly in many countries like be it The United States or the Philippines.

Suppose you have played call of duty before; you might be well aware of how tough it is to earn a medal in the game series. When it comes to earning these special medals, even you know how rare these are.

Don’t worry; you still have the chance of winning this medal. Keep reading you’ll get to know more.

What Is BR?

BR means Battle Royale. This genre is played among various countries. Excite to know about Earn Gun Master Medal in BR

The type of battles has the elements like surviving, exploring, and most importantly, scavenging. In here, the last player who stays out of those thousands of people is the winner.

There will be a circle, and the inside part of the ring is considered as “secure area.”

The interesting fact about this genre is that it took its name from a Japanese film that shows the same theme. The growth of the game genre touched the sky in terms of success and popularity.

 What Is Gun Master Medal And How It Works?

In order to know how to – Earn the Gun Master Medal in BR, the foremost important thing is to understand what exactly is Gun Master Medal.

Gun Master Medal is an exclusive medal that can be earned in a multiplayer. Gun Master Medal has some difficulties while earning, but it’ll not be challenging for you if you keep reading.

When you earn the medal, you will instantly get 15 weapons and XP cards and 6000 XP Battle Pass. Moreover, the players will also get the opportunity of winning the new character “Javier Salazar.” You can unlock the character easily with the medal.

How Can You Earn Gun Master Medal in BR?

To keep you informed, you can win upto 27 medals in the Battle Royal Mode. The simple task to earn the medal is, you need more than eight kills in a single match. The following are the simple steps –

  1. Choose battle royale mode in Call of Duty mobile.
  2. Select your teammates, your squad, or friends.
  3. Then see the available Batlle Royale Maps and select any of them
  4. Start the match and kill more than eight enemies to acquire the medal.


In the final verdict, hoping the article helps you in how toEarn Gun Master Medal in BR. This medal is highly recommended among the players. The article has kept it in the simplest form possible to help you earn this powerful medal. Have you used about this medal before reading this article? Comment Below.

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