5 Amazing Benefits of Becoming A Dump Truck Driver

Complete Guide to Dump Truck Driver

Dump Truck Driver: The transportation industry acts as the veins of the economy. Whether it is over-the-road transportation or local logistics like dump truck driving, everything is a part of the transportation industry. This is the reason the transportation industry employs more than 13.3 million people. One of those job posts is dump truck driver.

If you know how to drive dump truck, you can create a reliable living and career. However, before starting your career as a dump truck driver, you must know what avenues can benefit you. You need to know what lies ahead of you. 

Here are five benefits of becoming a dump truck driver.

Due to the rising number of construction projects, the demand for dump truck drivers is high. That is why many dump truck drivers receive handsome wages for their work. Whether you plan to become a driver or owner operator, many avenues exist to earn money. Dump truck drivers get $15.57 per hour from the dump truck companies. The wages depend on various factors, such as the driver’s experience, company, and the material they haul. Some companies also offer double the wage rate, which means $30 an hour for some dump truck drivers.

If you know how to drive a dump truck, you can earn an above-average living as a dump truck driver. If you have patience and become a trusted full-time dump truck driver with the company, they can also offer incentives and bonuses. The median pay for dump truck drivers in the United States was $37040 in 2016.

  • Work Locally

Dump trucks are mainly used for transporting garbage to the recycling plant or construction debris. Dump truck drivers work locally, unlike over-the-road transportation that hauls cargo across various states. That means they work within the city’s bounds and do not have to spend several days on the road to reach the destination in the other state. 

Dump truck drivers can finish their day’s work and head to their homes to spend time with their families. They do not have to stay away from their families for weeks as semi-drivers do. Also, they can haul multiple loans within a day, unlike semi-truck drivers who carry the same load for thousands of miles. The lack of need to travel out of the city allows dump truck drivers to work locally and earn a living like any other citizen.

  • More opportunities

The construction industry is growing, and the cities are becoming bigger and bigger. There will be the need to dump trucks to carry the construction material and garbage from the cities. Therefore many construction project owners are always looking for experienced dump truck drivers to trust with hauling work. Whether you want to become a dump truck driver or are already a licensed dump truck driver with experience, opportunities always knock on your door. 

Even if you do not have any heavy vehicle driving experience, the industry welcomes learners and self-starters. Many companies offer driver’s training and business tactics to bag for contracts. If you know how to drive a dump truck, you will need a Class B CDL or Class A CDL license, depending on the truckload that you drive. A dump truck driving and training institute can help you become a professional dump truck driver and earn a license.

  • Fixed working hours

Unlike road truckers who spend weeks delivering the load, dump truck drivers get to work in standard working like an office. They work according to regular office hours, as a five-day workweek. Depending on the company or the construction project you work with, your work shift can also be shifted on weekdays, weekends, or overtime. The standard working hours allow you to maintain a work-life balance as you spend time with family and friends and enjoy your personal life. 

  • Build a career

The skill and license to operate heavy machinery and construction vehicles come with their perks. There are only some people who can do that, and that gives a chance to build a decent career out of it. Your experience as a dump truck driver can help you learn how to drive bigger construction vehicles like diggers and earth overs. Driving and operating different heavy machinery makes you a valuable asset. They would be more than happy to pay you more if you stick around. Many companies also provide free training to their employees to learn more skills to make their work more efficient. 

Being a dump truck driver is one of the promising career opportunities. If you follow the proper steps, get a dump truck driver’s license, and gain experience, construction companies will line up to hire you.

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