Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine {Feb} Fix Appointment!

Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine {Feb} Fix Appointment!

Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine {Feb} Fix Appointment! >> Read the article here to know the details about the vaccination program along with the schedule.

Have you got vaccinated? People from the United States are looking for the various locations where the vaccination is happening.

Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine is one location where people can get vaccinated as per the scheduled appointment.

After the whole pandemic year has passed now, 2021 has started with the vaccination mission.

Check the complete details about eligibility phase 1 and phase 2 group from the below sections and vaccination schedule.

Danvers Doubletree Hotel Appointment Information:

To run smoothly, the program government has tied up with various institutions and famous locations to be out for the country vaccination program. The target is to reach every citizen and provide the vaccination.  

To book an appointment with Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine, you should be ready with your following details-

  • First name and Last name  
  • Date of birth  
  • Number  
  • Email address (optional)
  • Race
  • Ethnicity 
  • Insurance details  
  • Contact information  

Where can one find the contact details?

  • The address of the hotel is 50 Ferncroft Rd Danvers MA-01923, United States 
  • The vaccination provided is Pfizer BioNTech.
  • The location site is serving all eligible people statewide.  
  • The contact number is (888) 702-9042
  • To book an appointment via the website, visit the URL at
  • Current Status of Appointment is full.

Parking Instructions: 

  • On the west side of the Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine parking areas are available. 
  • The entry point is from the north end of the grand ballroom complex.
  • The exit point is on the west end of the grand ballroom complex.

About Accessibility:

  • Accessibility via a ramp is available.
  • Wheelchair pickup and drop is available.  

Schedule for the Appointment:

At present, all schedules are full. From February 22 till February 28, the availabilities are zero. You can keep on checking the website for the next available slot. Be ready with all details to book an appointment.

Covid-19 Vaccine Program Eligibility for Phase 1 in Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine center:

The eligibility criteria for phase 1 and phase 2 is mentioned on the website, which will be getting the vaccines. The program has already been initiated, and many of the people have been vaccinated as well.

The eligibility criterion is as follows.  

The Phase 1 duration is from December 2020 till February 2021

  • A person who is living in a care home for older adults and their care workers.
  • The citizen who is of 75 and above Social care & Frontline people who are 80 years of age and above.
  • Citizens of 75 years of age and above.
  • Citizens of 65 years of age and above in Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine program.
  • Citizens who have extremely clinically helpless conditions and are in the age of 70 years and above.
  • Any Citizens within the age group of 16-64 and is suffering from severe health.
  • Citizens of age 60 years and above.
  • Citizens of age 55 years and above.

Is the vaccine mandatory for people?

As per the Government, the vaccine is safe and mandatory for every citizen. It comes under the Mandatory Health Program by the Government.


To book your appointment, visit the official website as mentioned above. Check your eligibility criteria and fill all the formalities for the appointment.

Did you get the appointment under Doubletree Danvers COVID Vaccine? Do you belong to some other Phase? Please share with us in the section below.

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  1. I am trying to book the first vaccine for my brother who lives in Reading, MA, 69 years old. We have been trying to book an appointment, you get to the end of the form and the time slot is gone, or the site freezes-up. Anything you can do, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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