7 Ways Cannabis Can Impact Your Fitness Activities

7 Ways Cannabis Can Impact Your Fitness Activities

Marijuana legalization is spreading far and wide, and consumers are growing feminized weed seeds in their backyards to enjoy the wellness effects. The potential benefits of cannabis are making it more popular, but does weed affect your workout?

If you love hitting the gym or heading out on a run, understanding what marijuana can do for your exercise may improve your experience.

Want to know more? 

We share seven positive ways this ancient plant and its juicy buds can impact your fitness activities. Lace up your sneakers; it’s time to sweat!

Changes Your Perspective

Getting motivated can be tough if you’re only starting on your exercise journey. Even marathon runners struggle to get out of bed some days. Other more appealing activities get in the way, and you put off your run until tomorrow. Step in cannabis.

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins that make you euphoric. Experts believe this starts in the endocannabinoid system, which weed also interacts with. 

A small dose of cannabis in the morning puts you in a good mood and encourages you to get moving. Activities seem more fun, and you find it easy to reach that exercise high. 

Increases Focus

Athletes in all disciplines comment on the importance of focus and getting in “the zone” when playing sports. Does smoking weed affect workout performance when it comes to your concentration? Many pros claim it has a positive effect. 

Cannabis users attest that you feel more in tune with your body after consumption. You become present in the moment and are more aware of your anatomy and what’s going on inside. These sensations allow you to focus more and avoid distractions. 

Boosts or Lowers Appetite

Does weed affect gym performance? Cannabis has many potential ways of helping you in the long term while you work out. Certain athletes may want to increase muscle mass over time, and the munchies effect from marijuana encourages you to eat more.

Some weed strains slow down the neurons in your brain and tell you you’re full. Cannabis with a high CBD content may lower your eating impulse, helping you shed the pounds faster to get in shape. Some smokers report weed also stops them from snacking late at night.

Promotes Bronchial Relaxation

Are you asking yourself, “does smoking weed affect stamina?” Through bronchial relaxation, it can. After a small dose of cannabis, your heart rate slightly increases, and blood vessels dilate, increasing your oxygen intake. 

This ease of breathing means you can push yourself further and reach new heights in your chosen fitness activity. The improved blood flow to your heart allows you to catch your breath quicker, encouraging you to perform better.

If you implement the proper breathing techniques while consuming cannabis for fitness, you can boost your endurance and stamina. 

Aids in Muscle Stretching 

Everyone who exercises knows the importance of stretching before physical activity. This process stops muscles from shortening and becoming tight, allowing more flexibility and a full range of motion.

After consuming marijuana, your body relaxes, making it easier to stretch properly before and after training. Cannabis also helps you release more dopamine and block pain receptors, which often hinder you from reaching stretching limits.

Relaxes Nerves and Reduces Muscle Pain

Are you eager to learn how to grow indoor cannabis yet? We’ve got more reasons to do so! Muscle pain and tension in your nerves are usually why you stop in your tracks. You can probably push yourself more, but uncomfortable sensations create a physical barrier.

Experts claim the THC in weed blocks pain receptors, and any discomfort in your muscles and nerves reduces greatly. 

The Navy SEALs have a 40% Rule, which states that when you think you’re at your limit, you still have 60% left in the tank. Marijuana boosts your performance by helping you tap into that extra gas to reach new fitness goals.

Improves Recovery

It’s easy to see how cannabis affects your fitness activity as you exercise, but does weed affect your workout when it’s over? Your session doesn’t end when you walk off the pitch—the recovery process is as important as the exercise.

You need a solid routine to rejuvenate your body and mind, including stretching, sleeping, and eating well. Pro athletes consume THC and CBD to reduce inflammation and stress levels. 

The anti-inflammatory properties can help combat pain, and feeling calm allows you to sleep better. A small dose of weed after exercise and before you eat may boost your metabolism and how you process your food. Choose healthy options to keep your weight on track. 

The Drawbacks

Does weed kill muscle? It’s a common worry of athletes who consume cannabis for its benefits but don’t want to endure muscle wastage. Different experts have varying responses. 

Some evidence shows it doesn’t affect your strength, while others say it can hinder muscle growth. With little research to go on, a small amount (one or two tokes) is likely to be harmless, but chronic usage may have a negative impact.

Marijuana is also famed for making consumers sleepy, which may have the opposite of a motivating effect. The tired and relaxed sensations usually come from smoking indica strains, so stick to sativa cultivars for working out. 

Time to Hit the Gym

With the information above, we’ve answered a resounding yes to the question, “does weed affect workout performance?” A puff or two from your favorite sativa strain can get you in the mood and improve endurance and strength while you train. 

Cannabis may also help in the long term by stabilizing your eating habits and aiding you in recovery. The drawbacks to smoking weed for exercise are mainly a risk when you consume too much. 

If you want to try marijuana to see if it can help you improve your fitness and performance, keep doses low and slow. We hope it aids you as it has so many others.

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