Does Alien Tape Work {Jan 2021} Read Alien Tape Reviews

Alien Tape Product Reviews

Does Alien Tape Work {Jan 2021} Read Alien Tape Reviews >> Here, you will read about the best duct tape available online.

Duct tape has to be with an excellent adhesive and long-lasting. If you are finding the best duct tape online that it is none other than the Alien tape.

This is for sure that duct tapes are one of the essentials of our tool kits. But are all the duct tapes worth our money? According to the Alien Tape Reviews, this tape is one of the best duct tapes available online. Its adhesive is strong enough to hold your items.

The company delivers the tape all over the world and thus, if you are willing to buy the tape, then here’s everything you need to know about this duct tape. Currently, this duct tape is trending in the United State and Canada, but it is bought in many other parts of the world as well.

In this Alien duct tape review, you will get to know why you should buy this tape, its other specifications, return policy, offers, etc.

What is Alien Tape?

The alien tape is duct tape. Duct tape is a tape with a powerful adhesive, and it backs the broken or damaged materials by holding them tight. It is water-resistant, and thus it is widely used in joining broken pipes.

But is this company real and authentic? Or this is a scam? Why is the company selling the duct tape at such a reasonable price? Is tryalientape Legit? You will find it out in this review.

Duct tape has multiple uses. From joining your broken showpieces to broken pipes, the tape holds everything firmly. Do you know that you can also fix a leaking water pipe with duct tape? Yes, the tape is that stable. Also, the Alien tape is made using a premium-quality adhesive, and hence, there are no chances that it would get removed on its own.

Let us move on and know how does Alien Tape Work?

How does a duct tape work?

tryalientape, duct tape is made with a powerful adhesive that can hold even heavier item together. It is coated with poly-ethylene resin from one side, and the other side is covered with a sticky rubber-based adhesive.

This design allows the duct tape to hold more substantial and heavier objects together. This tape can be used on lighter, smaller objects and widely surfaced objects as well. The design is malleable and thus can be bent into any shape as per the object.

Specifications of Alien Tape:
Product- Duct tape

  • Shipping/processing time- 30 days
  • Delivery time- 10-15 days
  • Returns- an item to be returned in 60 days
  • Refund- it will be issued in 3-7 days
  • Exchange- not applicable
  • Mode of payment- Debit and credit cards only
  • Price- $19.99 (Buy 1 get two free)

Advantages of buying an Alien Tape:

  • This duct tape is available at an offer
  • It is of premium quality
  • Rate is affordable
  • The adhesive of the tape is strong
  • It is water-resistant

Where does Alien Tape lack?

  • It takes a lot of time for the order to process and deliver
  • Exchange is not available
  • The company avails only online payment

What do the customers say about Alien Tape?

Customers have shared that the tape is capable of holding heavy objects as it claims. They are delighted to receive two tapes free on buying a single piece that too at a minimal cost. 60 days return, and refund policy has attracted the customers, and they say they received the refund also.

Only a few customers were not able to receive the order on time and took more than a month to receive the refund. If reviews are to be compared then the duct tape is creating a lot of positive impact on the buyers. A few of the buyers seemed disappointed, but the positive responses are more in number.

Final Verdict

We have mentioned all the essential data of the company with our readers. If you are looking for a duct tape that lasts for a longer period and also costs less, then the Alien tape has to be your purchase.

The best thing is that you get two tapes free on purchasing a single tape. You can also return the item in 60 days if you feel that it does not work for you. Thus, we suggest this to all our readers that if you are looking for the best duct tape, then Alien tape is the first choice as per our recommendation.

0 thoughts on “Does Alien Tape Work {Jan 2021} Read Alien Tape Reviews

  1. Be aware of the false statements from this ALIEN TAPE company. The box and the ads all state that you can use this tape on drywall and painted surface but there is a booklet inside the box that states that it may remove the paint off of the drywall when you try to remove it. If it takes the paint off then it also isnt re-useable as claimed to be.

    1. Exactly…False Statement on the promotional Video too ! “works great on drywall”…… uhm… B.S. – and that’s the real reason I bought this product, to hang pics in my office–which is painted drywall !!!
      This is what the Info Booklet say’s ; Verbatim


      1) Do not use on painted surfaces or sheetrock as it will be permanent. Removing the tape may cause damage or leave residue.

      2) Tape will not work on non stick surfaces.

      3)Make sure and apply enough tape in order to hold the object

      4) Do not use on surfaces that are not even. Alien tape must have full contact with the surface.

      5)Improper installation may cause damage to property

      6)Always read and follow all instructions prior to use.

      So #1 …Killed My project !!
      #4…guess that rules out the Brick or Stone, they show in the Promo Video…??
      Just another “as seen on TV” add …you roll the dice on….but to me, VERY MISLEADING ALIEN TAPE FOLKS !

      Wish I would have known…but now someone else can see this before purchase !!

  2. Buying alien tape was a waste of money. Unless you’re hanging up something very light, don’t bother with this product. I wanted to hang up two 30″x30″ canvasses on a brick wall. I followed the instructions, step by step. In fact, I put more tape than instructed. What happened? One canvass immediately fell. The other canvas stayed on the wall for about a week, but then slid down the wall. I also hung up a framed poster that eventually oozed down the wall. The only success I had was with some small pictures, which have remained in place for about a month.
    Do not buy alien tape.

  3. Friend ordered this shit because tv ad made it sound as good as sliced bread. I told him I could easily see that the product is total garbage. Who in their right mind could possibly think this tape would actually “hold” anything having weight or even hold anything of value. My Friend received it, almost 2months later and he hung 2 pictures. I guess each weighed about 3 pounds. He hung one and before he even got the second picture ready to hang , the first fell and glass broke into a hundred pieces. He actually was stupid enough to hang the second picture and it held long enough for him just about time to clean the glass from the first picture that was hung AND FELL. Sure enough, after cleaning the broken glass from floor, the second came crashing down and broke into more pieces than the first. Needless to say, i laughed my ass-off. No, this wasn’t enough for my buddy, he actually hung a small shelf w this shit and it held UNTIL HE PLACED SOMETHING ON IT … IT CRASHED AND BROKE THE VASE THAT HE PLACED ON IT. YES, THE VASE BROKE, SO DID THE SHELF. I LAUGHED SO HARD THAT I THREW UP.

  4. Look at youtube video before buying, you will see this product is NOT what it claims to be. Check out the reviews others have written.

  5. Alien Tape is Bunk.
    My girlfriends parents are very religious people.
    They used Alien Tape to hang a fairly large crucifix on the wall right above her bed.
    At around 2 in the morning the crucifix fell off the wall and put a 3 inch gash in the back of her father’s head.
    Thanks A.J.

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