det30 Mask Review [Sep] Is It a Legit Online Store?

det30 Mask Review

det30 Mask Review [Sep] Is It a Legit Online Store? -> Find the latest facemasks claiming to provide protection against the various hazardous airborne diseases.

The rise of pollution has increased the number of breathing-related issues in public. Adding to it, the covid-19 pandemic has further made it difficult for people to come out of the home. Therefore, it has become essential to use face masks whenever you step outside your home. The latest to enter the market is DET30. As the product is new, many of our readers requested us to write a det30 Mask Review.

However, products like these are required across the world, but this specific brand targets consumers across Singapore. There are various products available in the market, claiming to provide complete protection against the airborne diseases, which is not valid in most of the cases. Companies keep coming and try to attract customers by showing things that do not even do. If you are in search of a top-quality face mask to protect your family and loved ones from deadly viruses, make sure to read the complete det30 Mask Review. It will ease your pain to choose the better products available in the market. 

What is det30 Mask?

It is like a reusable face mask that uses anti-bacterial fabric and makes it difficult for droplets to reach out to others or vice-versa. Besides, it also creates comfort and breathability to the user. It comes with three-layer protection, and the extended design cover nose, chin, thus creating a close fit. However, it is not a substitute for the medical or surgical mask. 

Available in three colors, blue, black, and white, the mask is washable and can be reused. Therefore, giving it a longer life, at the same time, protects you from hazardous diseases. However, when it comes to healthcare items, it is always recommended to check the authenticity of the product. Customers have all the right to find out whether it is a genuine product or not. 

Specifications of using DET30 Mask:

  • Product Name: DET 30 Mask
  • Product Type: Face Mask
  • Available in: Singapore and Malaysia
  • Available Colours: Blue, Black, and White
  • Washable: 30 times washable
  • Reusable: 30 times usable
  • Number of layers: 3 layers for droplet obstruction and anti-bacterial fabric
  • Filtration: Filtration Guarantee
  • Packaging: Each pack contain 2 masks
  • Applicability: Not suitable for children below 3 years
  • Price: 65 HKD

Pros of DET 30 Masks:

  • Reusable
  • Rewashable
  • 3 layers to offer protection against several diseases
  • Perfect fit

Cons of using DET 30 masks:

  • Costly
  • Not recommended by any authority
  • Not suitable for children below 3 years

Is DET 30 mask legit?

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic has started, the demand for masks has reached a new height, and wearing masks have become new normal. Going by the specifications, the product offers protection against various airborne bacteria. However, it is not recommended by any authority or doctor. Even its specifications state that it is not useful when you are sick, and the risk of infection is high; therefore, it does not seem like the recommended product. 

We request our readers not to use this; instead, they can get similar items from the local Singapore market at a much better price. Proper care of health is essential, especially during these days when the whole world is fighting against the deadly virus. 

What are consumers saying about it?

When it comes to customer reviews, there are not many DET30 Masks Reviews available on the website or any other channel. Therefore, we went ahead with our research to find out what other people of Singapore or Malaysia talking about it. Even after several efforts, we could not locate much information. It indicates that it is not a popular item, and a large number of audiences have not used purchased it. Due to the same reasons, we do not ask our readers to buy them; instead, they can get similar products from the local market. 

Final Words

The rise of airborne diseases and pollution has led people across the world to use such products. Using masks have become new normal, and the government has put it as a regulation for people. DET30 Mask Reviews have positive and negative aspects. It is rewashable and reusable; however, it is not recommended by clinical already having any issues and not placed above surgical masks. 

Therefore, we do not want our readers to use such products, and they buy a similar product locally at a much better price. In case you have any experience of using this product, you can let us know in the comment section. Moreover, you can write to us. 

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