Degatus Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

Degatus Reviews 2020

Degatus Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now? >> In this article, we review Degatus, an online store that sells several products and accessories.

Are you thinking of purchasing any garden, kitchen, home or any other related accessories? We know of a place where you can get such high-quality accessories for cheap. That place is Degatus. Home appliances have become an essential part of every household now. Degatus is where you can get your hands on all types of accessories and equipment at reasonable prices. They’re also extremely durable in addition to being cheap.

Degatus is an online store operating out of the United States. It’s a new website, and its popularity is not much, but it seems to be growing every day at a tremendous pace. In our Degatus Reviews, we’ll go over all the details related to Degatus and help you decide if you should choose this site or not. We’ll also take a look at every other related aspect. Let’s start by reading the information present below.

What is Degatus? 

As we have mentioned earlier, Degatus is an online store where you can purchase home accessories, printed t-shirts, and a lot more at very compelling prices. 

Products like Baby & Nursery equipment, Home & Garden accessories, Smart Devices, Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Sports Material, Outdoor Tools, Kitchen accessories, Home Decoration items can be purchased from Degatus at affordable prices. The product range of Degatus is massive.

Degatus Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Home, Kitchen, Garden Accessories, etc.
  • Processing Time: 1-3 working days.
  • Delivery: 7-10 working days.
  • Email:
  • Contact No: 8008660833
  • Address: 5019, Meadowbrook Mall Road, Santa Monica, California, USA
  • Return: products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Exchange: products can be exchanged (exceptions present)
  • Refund Period: Refund is credited in a few days of receiving the item.
  • Payment Method: PayPal/ Credit & Debit Card.

Is Degatus Legit?

We cannot say anything about the legitimacy of Degatus with complete confidence. There are reasons to stay away from this website. Not a lot of information is present on the internet about this website. Customer Degatus Reviews also cannot be found anywhere. The site is also roughly maintained and does not look very appealing. Their lack of popularity makes us suspect them of being a scam.

But there are reasons to trust this site as well. All the information that makes a place worthy of trust like email, address, and contact is present on Degatus. They also have a small amount of recognition in the United States, which is negligible in retrospect but helps establish the identity of Degatus. 

Degatus: Reasons To Purchase

  • Degatus offers free shipping in all locations in the US.
  • Degatus has an extensive range of affordable products.
  • Payment made on Degatus is encrypted and hence safe.
  • Their customer service of Degatus is brilliant and are available 24×7.

Degatus: Reasons To Not Purchase

  • Degatus takes a long time to approve and refund returns. 
  • Degatus does not exchange or return products like softwares, personal care equipment.
  • Their lack of popularity makes them a poor choice for buying any product.
  • Degatus could also be a scam due to its low internet presence and popularity.

Degatus: Customer and User Reviews

We have already discussed that Degatus is not very popular. Its popularity is almost none outside of the United States. It is the reason that not a lot of Degatus Reviews are present on any platform. But we were able to find a couple of reviews for our purpose.

The reviews claimed that Degatus appears to be legit, but the chances of it being a scam are not zero either. So, any purchase made from this website is a risk as we could not find the reviews of customers who had bought from Degatus. 

Final Verdict

There are concerns about Degatus’ authenticity. But it’s natural for there to be issues about the legitimacy of a new website. We have reasons to both trust and not trust this website. The decision falls in your hands.

Free shipping, affordable prices, safe payment, 30-day guarantee are all reasons that make Degatus an excellent online store. But its lack of popularity, and exclusion of some items from the return policy makes it a risk to purchase from Degatus. Overall, the site could be legit but we’re not sure of it. 

Our readers, if you decide to purchase from Degatus, tell us about your experience so we can get to know more about Degatus. If you don’t think this website is right for you, there’s no shortage of other options for you.

0 thoughts on “Degatus Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

  1. I placed an ordered and receive nothing and contact support no response at all. It is a scam operation, don’t buy from them

  2. DON’T PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! I was questioning it before a made the order and should have listened to my gut instinct, but I really wanted a new bike for my daughter and liked the one they had on their website, I thought if I paid through PayPal they at least wouldn’t be able to steal any of my personal information, but they took the money and never sent the bike. The never sent a confirmation email after it was purchased. Not able to contact them through phone. They don’t respond to their “contact us” emails.

  3. this company is fake. bought 25 bikes from this website, never received a confirmation email or nothing else, try to find the website today, but the degatus website is gone DO NOT BUY

  4. I too was lured into their website. Fortunately I am a sceptical buyer. Once I checked the non existent address listed on the site, it raised a giant red flag. Contacted “customer support” to no avail. For those who got scammed, just contact your banks, paypal, etc to prevent future frauds. It is an expensive lessons for some.

  5. SCAM!!!!!SCAM!!!!!SCAM!!!! I should have listened to the voice in my head telling me it was too good to be true. I never received my purchase. Never got an email from Degatus, but did get one from the seller. I tried contacting the seller numerous times: no response. I finally called my bank and reported the activity as fraudulent.

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