Debate Reviews So Far {Oct 2020} Glance on Hot Debate!

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Debate Reviews So Far {Oct 2020} Glance on Hot Debate! >> Read details on the general election presidential debate that took before & are planned further.

The Presidential Elections of the United States are coming up in the upcoming November, and very little time is left. The election is between the current President Donald Trump and Former President Joe Biden. The elections are on the verge, and Donald Trump tested positive for Corona. 

There is a rule of conducting the debates between the candidates before the election. There are about three to four presidential debates taking place for the election. This year there are three presidential debates planned, and one is between the Vice presidents.

You will get to know about the debates that already took place and the ones coming up soon. So, read the Debate Reviews So Far further.

When are the presidential debates taking place?

The first presidential debate was on 30th September in the United States, and the vice presidential debate is on 7th October. The other two presidential debates are planned for 15th October and 22nd October. Biden said that he would take part in the second debate only if Trump is medically fit, and all the health guidelines are followed. 

First Presidential Debate

The first debate was chaos between Trump and Biden. The moderator, Chris Wallace from the Fox news, was continuously interrupted by the current president. He has to remind Trump that he is bound to follow some rules that he agreed to by the CPD.

Topics of the debate:

‘Debate Reviews So Far says that the topics covered in the debate were very controversial, like the Coronavirus pandemic, effect on the economy, unemployment in the country, filling the supreme court seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and many other controversial topics.

Vice presidential debate 

The vice presidential debate is taking place today between Mike Pense and Sen. Kamala Harris, who is his democratic rival. Many topics need an answer, like how the elections will take place further when Trump is ill and infectious with Corona. 

Debate Reviews So Far’ says that Pense and Harris will try to answer the questions that remained unanswered in the last presidential debate.  Although this vice presidential debate is making history, Harris is the first black South Asian woman taking part in the General Elections presidential debate. 

Topics of the Vice-presidential debate:

Harris, on behalf of Biden, might answer the question of whether he is going to support the increase in the number of Supreme court justice or not.  She might also answer that the Biden government will support the Democrats winning control over the Senate putting an end on the filibuster or not. 

As per ‘Debate Reviews So Far,’ Harris might also talk about the medicare for all policy, and it is in her favor as the members of the White House do not have a health policy for themselves. Thus this is a positive point for them. 


The upcoming general elections for the Presidential posts will be chaotic as the President is Corona infectious. In the debates, we need to see that he can convince the people about him getting Corona, or will the opposition mock him. Debate Reviews So Far’ says that the vice presidential debate will clarify the further general election procedure.

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