Damensein Reviews [2020] – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Damensein Reviews [2020] - Is It a Scam or Legit

Damensein Reviews [2020] – Is It a Scam or Legit? >> Read this article to know everything about This Website. It answers all your FAQs

Fashion can’t be complete without apparel. Clothes cover us, define our being and distinguish our existence amidst the crowd. What we wear can accentuate or mar our personality in different ways. The world of fashion entails designers, brands and components raising the standard at every step.

With years, down the line, people have grown conscious about the way they look and feel. Gone are the times, when just your wisdom and talent prevailed, here, one has to be presentable too.

Wearing the perfect outfit at the appropriate occasion is not an easy matter at all. So, here comes damensein.com with it’s collection of exclusivity in apparel for both men and women.

What is damensein.com all about?

Damensein Reviews portal has collaboration with designers and brands all over the world to pick and collect the trendiest, qualitative and affordable garments along with accessories for both genders. The products look stylish, offbeat and eye-catchy and seasonal.

They shower a huge variety in woolens as it’s winters and also in accessories and footwear. Every item seems lowly priced but no description about the fabric or materials used is mentioned. So, how do we come to know what we are paying for, even if it’s less?

Damensein Reviews It is swamped with highlighted discounts and sales, which will attract a lot of visitors. Some may even invest money without thinking but in the long run, such low priced items lose significance, if they don’t conform to the quality expected. Now, here’s another catch, what should we expect? Is it only based on the images projected? Images or pictures can be copied from many places but that doesn’t explain anything. Just by looking at the picture, one shouldn’t take a plunge.

The feel is equally important and here, in virtual shops, we don’t get the privilege of touching the fabric but when the detailing of the product is missing, then there’s no point in trusting.

So, many times customers have bought things just being appealed by the sight of a product but eventually it has turned out different than what was anticipated. This causes disappointment.

Sales and discounts are nothing but objectives to lure customers. No company can derive revenues if they can beat the prices in the market through sales.

It’s beyond imagination to buy high-end stuff, paying next to nothing.

Damensein.com reviews

If you check out the ‘Contact Us’ page, then you can visibly notice a phrase saying that the address mentioned is not for return or exchange and also for getting the latter contact details, one has to submit his own.

Now, here’s a little trick. It seems, the company has furnished the details of a physical establishment to convince the visitors about it’s existence but how viable is it, has to be established.

Secondly, there’s no phone number provided, in case you want to call a customer service promptly for any issue, you can’t. The only option is an e-mail id, which can be fake or else can be totally closed down after transactions are made.

Why should anyone provide his or her own whereabouts, when the company being a commercial one refrains to do so?

Is damensein.com legit or a scam?

In the shopping FAQs page, it’s mentioned clearly, that payments have to be made in advance, then only orders will be processed. Again, such type of literature raises questions. Why does damensein.com require you to pay first?

If you are a first time visitor, this doesn’t create trust at all. There are so many fraudulent online shopping sites, which have made enormous money through advertising heavy sales and discounts and have disappeared altogether, leaving no trace.

Though anti cyber crime cells are active, still precautionary measures are always better. Remember, once you part with your hard earned money, it’s never going to return easy.

My Recommendation

If you are into a lot of internet shopping then, you ought to have a social following or groups in social media. Leverage that to your advantage. Ask questions and talk about damensein.com to your friends and acquaintances. 

Somebody or the other will come up with an opinion.

Compare and contrast similar product lines in other prevalent websites like Amazon etc. You will get a fair idea about the price, the quality, brand, designers and other details too.

Do not splurge your money in the very first attempt. Book for a cash on delivery option. If it’s not present, then better not to buy at all.

Remember, it’s the company’s turn to build faith and if it fails to do so, you rather save yourself from being duped.

0 thoughts on “Damensein Reviews [2020] – Is It a Scam or Legit?

  1. Hi after looking at a couple of on line shopping sites I have decided to not attempt to shop this way. Floryday, Holapick and Damensien for starters seem to be the same group as the same clothing appears on all three sites and reviews are not good.

  2. I am so cross with myself for not looking into this company more. I received shoddy substandard goods, 2 items smelling musty. the sizing was ridiculous, the small was huge. They were nothing like the photos on line. All you get when you complain are automatic responses. I am out of pocket for £24+ postage and am still awaiting my £60+ refund. I got proof of posting back in January 2020, which I scanned to them as they requested. No refund has happened and I don’t supooe it will This is a scam organisation.

  3. I bought 2 pairs of trousers both size M one are too big for my husband and the other pair will fit my granddaughter. They expect me to pay to return to China when it’s their fault for sending incorrect items. A disgrace to e-commerce and their country

  4. I bought a sweater from Damensien. It arrived after 6 weeks. It was nothing like the attractive woollen sweater in the advert. It was a cheap acrylic material, a badly copied pattern and shapeless. The size I had ordered was a medium. What I received was more like an Extra Large.

    I followed the Returns instructions. But to return the sweater to China was more than I had paid for it. I sent numerous emails to Customer Services. Eventually I received £7:50 as a ‘good will gesture’.

    Avoid this company, they sell poor, cheap copies and rely on the fact that the Return postage cost is so high, you won’t bother, as it’s not worth the trouble.

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