Dailysmiling UK Reviews (April 2021) Is It Legit Website?

Dailysmiling UK Reviews 2021

Dailysmiling UK Reviews (April 2021) Is It Legit Website?->Read this website review article on the Daily Smiling shopping website from trusted websites like ours.

Today we are here with Dailysmiling UK Reviews, an exciting and detailed review of dailysmiling.uk

With the nationwide lockdowns in various countries worldwide, online shopping is the best option to opt for everyone. But with online shopping come many risks that you must be willing to take on websites. However, you do have the option to decrease these risks to the minimum. You can research yourself or look for legit and detailed website reviews before purchasing from that particular website.

Today we are talking about this online store offering products for only women and worldwide shipping to countries like the United Kingdom, India, and others. Do read our trustable review article before purchasing any item because you might regret it later.

What is Daily Smiling?

Dailysmiling UK Reviews is about an online webstore selling clothing products and accessories for women. The different products include sweaters, hoodies, jackets, bags, sneakers, sandals, boots, and wearable accessories like necklaces and rings.

Some of their best seller products consist of Long sleeve casual striped outerwear, Air cushion soft sole comfortable sneakers, Buttoned wrap turtleneck sweater, outdoor waterproof and windproof rain jacket, and many more. 

Many items are available at various seasonal sales. Currently, the 2021 Spring Collection Sale is going on the webstore. The website is highly manageable, and customers can change it according to their preferred language.

Specifications of the website by Dailysmiling UK Reviews:

The following are some essential specifications of Daily Smiling:

  • Email address- support@dailysmiling.uk
  • Contact number- not mentioned
  • Physical Address – not provided
  • Domain age of website- 6 months and 24 days (registered on 25 July 2020)
  • Shipping Policy- worldwide shipping; orders dispatched from their warehouse in China; order processing time is 2-5 business days
  • Track orders- tracking option available only on standard shipping and not on free shipping orders 
  • Return policy- ordered items can be returned within 45 days of the delivery date
  • Order cancellation- orders can only be changed or cancelled before they are dispatched
  • Payment methods- PayPal and all major credit cards like Visa, Amex, and MasterCard excepted; Dailysmiling UK Reviews would like to mention that this website does not accept debit card payments, cash on delivery, direct money transfers, and other methods.

Pros of daily smiling.uk:

We mention some benefits of using this website for online shopping:

  • User- friendly website
  • Worldwide shipping of products
  • They organize various sales
  • Different types of products available
  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Safe and secure checkout
  • Latest and trendy clothing items
  • A detailed description of products along with size charts based on different countries like the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Colour options available with almost each product

Cons of the daily smiling.uk:

Dailysmiling UK Reviews provides you with some disadvantages related to this website:

  • No proper contact information provided
  • Fewer payment options available
  • Clothing and accessories available only for women
  • Not many customer reviews available

Is daily smiling.uk a legit website?

We cannot make any official statement yet, but we doubt this website’s legitimacy as per the data available to us. 

The company has not displayed accurate contact information for its customers. It has a domain age of less than a year. They only have one social media account- a Facebook page with little reviews and information. As you will see in the next section, these reviews reveal a lot about the non-legitimacy of this site?

At Dailysmiling UK Reviews, we would like to tell you that users should not trust this online shopping website until more information is made available.

Customer Reviews:

We could only find two relevant reviews for Daily Smiling on their Facebook page under the same name. The page has received a 1.0 rating out of 5 on Facebook.

One customer mentions in detail how she had ordered a cardigan from their website and was charged some extra money without her consent. When she tried to contact them, the reply was that the company had already posted the same during the checkout. To this review, another lady commented that she had faced the same problem. One other also mentioned that she was going to order from them, but now she has changed her mind.

The review section on the website is empty.

Final Verdict:

Dailysmiling UK Reviews was a descriptive article for dailysmiling.uk. As per the data, people should not trust this website for online shopping.

What do you say about this website? Have you ever purchased an item online from them, or were you planning to buy any? Comment us down below your views on the website and this article.

41 thoughts on “Dailysmiling UK Reviews (April 2021) Is It Legit Website?

  1. I ordered a cardigan 5 days ago, I received a confirmation email stating it was getting my order ready and would email when it was despatched, that was 5 days ago, as yet I have not received any further emails, I’m beginning to think this is a scam…..

    1. I have been waiting 2 weeks. They charged me 2.40 extra and when I questioned thet send badly typed answer saying it was tax.

    2. If it’s the same cardigan I ordered it is nothing like the photo they put up, mine arrived and it’s only fit for the bin.

  2. This website has a very similar front page on Facebook to Shirela and a number of other ‘new’ shopping websites. I think they are all the same company trading under several different names.

    1. I ordered a striped cardigan on 22 February which arrived on 13 March. I too was charged an extra £2.49 which I challenged and they did refund. The ‘cardigan’ is vile, cheap printed polyester, looks nothing like photo and I wouldn’t wear it if someone paid me! Was also too big, although small size. I e-mailed today asking for a refund but was told I’d not been sent wrong item (I never said I had!) and they wouldn’t give me a refund! AVOID.

  3. i have ordered from this website and to date – after nine days – have not had a despatch notice. Emailed them enquiring about my order – money already taken from credit card – and they say “Not to worry will sort it out in 12 hours” How after the told me they only work Monday to Friday and I got their “will sort it out in 12 hours”
    and I received this answerlate Friday afternoon. I ordered two cardigans!!!

    1. I also ordered a cardigan from this site 7 days ago got an order confirmation back straight away but as yet have heard nothing more. I am also thinking that I have been had.

  4. I otdered a pair of shoes on friday and the payment has gone through on paypal (£24-99) am just getting a bit worried that i dont receive them????

  5. Looks sadly like a scam! I also ordered a cardigan on February 20th one email thanks for order and absolutely nothing since!!!!

  6. Like other buyers I ordered this cardigan over 10 days ago and have not received a despatch email so have reported this to pay pal and hopefully get a refund reading other reviews it beginning to look like a scam

    1. I also have ordered a cardigan from them on the 15th February and am still waiting have sent them a email today did get a reply with a tracking number and told to be Patient the cardigan is still in China 12th March

  7. I also ordered a cardigan from this site 7 days ago got an order confirmation back straight away but as yet have heard nothing more. I am also thinking that I have been had.

  8. I have ordered a cardigan from them had confirmation but nothing else does anyone know how I can get my money back

  9. I also was al
    I was overcharged and I still haven’t received my goods why hasn’t this website been shut down they are still advertising
    They respond saying please be patient but no action

  10. Absolute con. I ordered a cardigan and instead received a piece of striped nylon. Well and truly conned but I’ve learnt a lesson. I thought it was a UK website! I wish I could add a picture of what I ordered and what I received!!!!

  11. I have ordered a cardigan too. I now suspect this is a scam and I have been fooled. I think I can wave goodbye to my money. I have learned a lesson!

  12. Ordered garment on 16/02/21, still on received it, tracking code they provided does not work!
    Contacted them, they replied ‘wait one or two days and the tracking code should work dear’ , still unable to track it 3 days later! I don’t expect to receive it anytime soon!

  13. Ordered a cardigan a month ago and received an email on 22/2/21 that item was despatched (with tracking number that can’t be tracked!). but have not yet received. If this has not arrived by the end of this month I will raise a complaint with PayPal. This is the second item purchased via a Facebook advertisement which has never materialised. Fortunately PayPal have agreed to refund me. I must add that I have made purchases from other Facebook advertisers without issue.

  14. I ordered a knitted cardigan, £23.99, from this FB page and when it arrived it was a thin rag of a thing made from nylon. They say they are sorry and will try to improve their quality but I can’t have a refund as it is not faulty!
    I wish I had read this page before I ordered

  15. After waiting over a month for striped cardigan to arrive and also being charged I’ve £3 more than indicated I have received item.
    What a con this is not a cardigan but a very cheap looking edge to edge lightweight top. Very! Dissapointing!

  16. ordered a cardigan when arrived was not as advertised very cheap copy having trouble trying to return item

    1. I purchased from daily smiling a cheap awful cardigan, nothing like the photo on Facebook they have refused to return it I would advise anyone not to use this website cheap and shoddy

  17. I ordered a good looking knitted cardigan. What I have received is horrible. Their response has been laughable. No refund or returns. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY. What they advertise is not what you get

  18. Same for me, I ordered a multicoloured, striped cardigan which , in the advert, looked like it had been knitted. This morning I received a badly printed piece of nylon that is only fit as a duster. Disgusting.

  19. Cardigans arrived today but completely different to one advertised, it’s not knitted just a piece of printed nylon – complete rip off, no way of returning to China I presume. Avoid at all cost.

  20. I ordered a so called ‘jacket’ from them when it arrived it was an absolute rag, no way could it be called a jacket. It was thinner material than a t-shirt. I tried to get a refund, to no avail, was offered $4.00, what an absolute insult. As Lorna has said I have the same problem. also Mrs Scott the same/ this is disgusting. WHAT A DREADFUL COMPANY AND CON.

  21. I also ordered the knitted striped cardigan and yesterday received a cheap polyester garment which is rubbish. I shall try to get a refund from paypal

  22. I ordered what I thought was a lush knitted cardigan, with pockets as illustrated and described as an outer garment fit for a diva! Priced at £23.99, and “apparently” reduced from £50. I should have noticed they added £4.80 tax to my PayPal payment. The biggest load of trash was delivered to me today. A thin piece of striped nylon, absolutely nothing like the picture on their website. I actually screenshot it at the time, and can confirm this is a total con, totally not the gorgeous item pictured on their website and on Facebook. I am livid! I have emailed them today; doubt I’ll get a reply. Not sure if PayPal can help and get me refunded, but worth a try I suppose. AVOID these criminals at all costs!

  23. If its the same cardigan, it was advertised as wool, its rubbish. Dont buy from this site. I am trying to get a refund

  24. I ordered their striped cardigan 10 days ago. Got acknowledgement email and nothing since. The advert for this item continually came up when I was playing a “Word” game not from Facebook. That site needs to be shut down. Is there a way of doing this.

  25. I ordered a striped cardigan on 22 February which arrived on 13 March. I too was charged an extra £2.49 which I challenged and they did refund. The ‘cardigan’ is vile, cheap printed polyester, looks nothing like photo and I wouldn’t wear it if someone paid me! Was also too big, although small size. I e-mailed today asking for a refund but was told I’d not been sent wrong item (I never said I had!) and they wouldn’t give me a refund! AVOID.

  26. i ordered striped cardigan 5 weeks ago ,i keep asking when will i receive but they just fob me off ,i checked delivery of it and it said delivered 5 days ago ,so popped to Royal mail ,and they said they had delivered it to a completly different address what was on the pkt ,why a different address,,i went to the said address and they denied they had received it ,think i will give it up as hard luck grr

  27. I also ordered a cardigan and agree with the above comments. It was nothing like the photo on the site and was only fit for the bin. They would let me return it so a waste of money. Avoid this company like the plague

  28. I ordered the striped cardigan on 15 February too!!
    The took about £3 more off my card than the £23.99 advertised.
    First time it ‘went to wrong address’…
    March 4 – they stated they sent another.
    Tracking took 15 days to update – 19 March showed it was still in China
    Saw phots of what people actually got instead of the lovely loose knit item we’d all expected.
    Looks like I’ve spent money on cheap nylon dusters then…?


  29. I have experienced the same. I ordered on 6th March an still not received my order but money has already gone out. I did email them and they told me to be patient ?I think this company needs to be investigated.

  30. I ordered 4 weeks ago. I was sent a tracking number. When I checked this it said my goods were delivered on 5 March. A lengthy call to Royal Mail and they were able to tell me that the tracking number referred to an order that was delivered to another person at an address 40 miles away. Since then all my e mails have been blanked and I am no further forward.

  31. I made an order 4 weeks ago (for 2 cardigans) – when money was cashed, – still not arrived, and tracking number comes up as order untraced. What a scam – I’m furious!

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