Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is Site Genuine?

Custom Ink Face Mask Product Reviews

Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is Site Genuine? -> This post will tell you about a site selling fabric masks online.

This post talks about a mask company that has been selling in the United States. We all know how important a face mask has become. With every country facing a rise in cases, citizens have been advised to cover mouth and nose not to pass it on.  

Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews will tell you all that you need to know about this mask—answering the most asked about questions such as the details and makeup of the product. Then finally should you be purchasing this product, is it worth your money? 

Read the post till the very end to get a better understanding! 

What is Custom Ink Face Mask?

The custom ink face mask comes from the brand Custom Ink. It is a brand that sells custom prints and brings your thoughts/ideas to life. 

The Custom Ink Face Mask is a recent addition to the brand’s list of custom products. It is a fabric mask that follows the guidelines of the United States centers for disease control. Since every other brand seems to be selling face masks, what is this brand offering that the others aren’t? 

You will find that out as you progress further into this review. 

Specification of the Custom Ink Face Mask

The mask is fabric mask; the details below will give you an insight into the product- 

  • They mention that the Custom Ink Face Mask is either made up of a cotton/polyester blend or a cotton/spandex blend. 
  • Further description of the fabric will tell you that it is single ply and is made up of soft jersey fabric. 
  • The material ensures that the mask will make breathing easy. 
  • It will contain the respiratory droplets that you pass out when coughing or sneezing. It will also contain micron particles. 
  • The mask comes as a one size fits all product. Both adults and children can use it. 
  • Custom Ink Face Mask has a contoured shape with two ear hole cutouts. Making it a one size fits all product. 
  • One family pack consists of 12 masks. 
  • They are reusable as they are cloth masks. Wash them after use and air dry them. 
  • However, they cannot be used in surgical settings where the person is coming in contact with a lot of hazardous and bodily liquids. 

Given the current situation, it has become essential to own a facemask. The CDC asks the people to wear a cloth mask when venturing out of the homes. These stem out of stopping the spread that is easy when a sick person does not have a covering on.

Pros and Cons of purchasing from custom ink 

Before making a purchase read the pros and cons below 


  • One mask fits all
  • fabric is breathable 
  • the site provides phone numbers and email in case of queries. 
  • Custom Ink has active social media accounts. 
  • The site has an SSL certificate, which ensures all your online payments are secure. 
  • It has an all rights reserved sign. 


  • The brand only delivers in the United States. 
  • Lacks customer reviews
  • The shipping details are incomplete. No mention of the $5 shipping charge they make. 

It is essential to notice that the site is selling a product that was not upon it before. So, is it trying to make money out of the mass hysteria? Maybe! 

But face masks remain an essential gear to ensure protection. The website makes them a budget buy.

How to purchase them? 

The custom ink face mask can be purchased online from its official website. The product and the website are both set up in the United States and deliver only around the United States. Purchasing the product from the site is secure!

In case of queries and inquiries, you can reach out to the brand on their phone number- 800-293-4232

If that doesn’t work out, then you can leave them the information in the online contact form available in the contact us section. They assure you that they will be responding in 24 hours.

Final Verdict- 

Health is wealth readers and ensuring that you and your family remain protected is of utmost importance. Wearing a face mask when running out to get a hold of groceries or any other is essential. 

You can choose to purchase the Custom Ink Face Mask or not. It is totally up to you. We hope the above pointers give you clarity. 

If you have purchased this product, then please share your experience with us in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “Custom Ink Face Mask Reviews [April] Is Site Genuine?

  1. These are junk. Almost as good as no protection at all. Made from a very thin piece of fabric that although black, the light comes right through which we are warned about in the safety guidelines. And cutout a for ears instead of elastic! You’re much better off with a T shirt from your closet.

  2. The masks are total junk. They are unfinished, just an oval of t-shirt fabric. They won’t contain any droplets if you cough or sneeze, and they won’t protect you from anyone else. The edges aren’t finished so if you wash it it will unravel. Don’t buy them.

    Disclaimer: They did refund my money when I complained to them.

  3. I just received my masks and yes they are junk. So thin and poorly created a 5 year old looks like they traced and cut out from a tee shirt . I am so disappointed with this company. I have used them in the past and had a good experience . But of all times when we are in a Pandemic you produce a inadequate product that is not useful to prevent any virus from entering in. I would like a full refund, these masks would better serve as dusting cloths. This is people gauging in a vulnerable time of the nation, shame on you !

  4. Sadly i was really disappointed, I trusted a US company that had a good rep before
    Chemical smell was really strong. I tried on all twelve. 6 were larger and 6 smaller. I have a thin
    Average face length. They are a jersey which is not recommended and no way to insert a filter., though you did not claim that as a design.
    The only plus is,that they are breathable ( maybe after washing the smell out). But wearing no mask would have the same results
    You could have made a really good mask with good pr results for your regular business
    Selling a poor product will not have good repercussions for your business . Also, did I not read a cotton blend?

  5. Totally useless; I dont know how I purchased these as they have nothing about them thats beneficial in the current crises. I am trying to find their ad but cant. They have absolutely no value.

  6. These masks are HORRIBLE. Allow me to share the letter that I sent to Custom Ink (who did process a refund for me)

    Hello. I hope you all are safe and doing well. These are trying times for all and I wish everyone the best.

    And that is where my pleasantries are going to have to end. I got my masks into and I am beyond appalled. I should have known when you sent out that disclaimer email that there was going to be a problem. I mean seriously, who sends out a letter saying “Some people don’t like our product. You can return it.”

    I know these masks are not a medical solution but they are deplorable and you should be ashamed. You might as well had used paper towels! For goodness sake you could have stitched together a 4-ply layer of t-shirt material, but what you have done is an utter joke and it makes you look like the worst kind of profiteering racket. It’s like you set out ONLY to take advantage of, not also to be a helpful solution to people in need.

    I have already opened the outer packaging for your masks, so I will probably see if there is a way I can wear two of them and stick a coffee filter or something in between them. They seriously look too flimsy to even stay on a person’s face.

    I have only ever bought one thing from you before. It was a t-shirt. I can’t say I was immensely happy with it, but it turned out decent enough. That could have been partly due to my image not being high resolution enough to provide my imagined results.

    But it’s a shirt nobody else would make for me, and I was at least grateful for that.

    But seeing these masks, I am honestly about 99% on the verge of never being your customer again!

    I’m sorry if I have sounded harsh, but this is utterly ridiculous in every way. I would be morally ashamed to sell something like this. I’m just being honest and real.

    I wish none of you ill will and I wish no ill will to your company, but I am absolutely going to be sharing my thoughts about this online so others won’t be sucked into this terrible mistake.

    Thanks for your time and be safe.


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