Curative COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get The Information Here


Curative COVID Vaccine (Feb) Get The Information Here -> Get to know what happened at a vaccination center after rumours of excess dosage spread among people.

Do you want the latest vaccine-related news? The Curative Covid Vaccine event is the topic of discussion. 

Currently, in the United States, people are being administered vaccine shots at mass vaccination sites. Many organizations are a part of this massive drive. 

People are also constantly checking the news to receive the latest info about the vaccine drive. In today’s post, we’re letting you know what happened at one of the vaccination centers where the program was organized by Curative. Read on to know more. 

What should you know about Curative Covid Vaccine

According to the info available online, on the 10th and 11th February, people lined up outside the DoubleTree Hotel in Danvers. There were rumours that an extra dose of the vaccine was available at the center. This rumour led to people lining up outside the location. 

Like other states, the state of Massachusetts in the United States is currently running the vaccine program. It is believed that the extra dose was a result of many people cancelling their appointments due to the frigid weather conditions. 

After the news of the extra vaccine spread, people flocked in huge numbers to receive the vaccine. This led to a huge crowd occurring outside the hotel. 

The official statement released by Curative Covid Vaccine officials states that the organization administered vaccines to those who had later appointments to prevent the vaccine from going to waste. 

What are people saying about it?

In general, the crowd sentiment at the location was not that great. Some of the people shared that the crowd was quite big. There are many rumours floating around online. Some of the individuals seemed disappointed and agitated with the entire event. 

A handful of people complained that individuals who were not registered or eligible also received the vaccine. However, it seemed like there was a lot of misinformation, and there is no way to verify such stories. 

How did the officials deal with the Curative Covid Vaccine issue? 

After the news spread online, the spokesperson of Curative issued an official statement sharing essential details. As per the statement, only the registered people received the vaccinations. The authorities and other people in charge are asking people not to believe in rumours. 

The company’s official statement details the events, and it is best for people to go through it instead of believing random posts online. 


The Curative Covid Vaccine program going on in DoubleTree Hotel in Danvers experienced a bit of chaos. The mess was a result of rumours spread by certain people. 

The authorities and officials were quick to resolve the issue and share official statements informing the public about what really went on that day. 

What are your thoughts on the ongoing vaccination drive? Let us know in the comment section. Also, do share your opinions on today’s post. 

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