Cotosen Reviews (Feb 2021) Online Scam Or Not?


Cotosen Reviews (Feb 2021) Online Scam Or Not? >> Are you looking for comfortable clothes for mountaineering and climbing? Read this content!  

There are many explorers, climbers, or mountaineer worldwide searching for comfortable dresses for such activities. Well! If are the one you must know about Cotosen Reviews as this is a new and best-known website that offers comfortable clothes for such activities and is becoming famous as bypassing days.

Many such explorers and climbers are looking out for branded and comfortable clothes and footwear for themselves.

Let’s dive deep into the details of the chosen below!

What Is Cotosen?

Cotosen is the best leading online store which are offering the best comfortable clothing for winter and Christmas. Apart from it, you can also purchase outdoor clothing and accessories, and footwear. The domain Cotosen is created on 21st September 2020.

The Website is designed for those people Worldwide who are explorers, snowboarders, climbers, extreme skiers, and endurance runners as they can buy suitable and comfortable clothes required for such purposes. The Website provides you with branded clothes and footwear. Cotosen Reviews are essential for the buyers to know if they will purchase clothes from this Website.

Specification of Cotosen:

  • – Type of Website: online shopping store supplying comfy clothes, especially for climbers and explorers.
  • – Mode of Payment: VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard, DISCOVER, PayPal, or any debit or credit card.
  • – Delivering date: because of the impact of pandemic and lockdown, the delivery may be delayed, and generally, it takes two to three weeks to deliver the product.
  • – Cancellation of the orders: There are three cases you need to keep in mind before you cancel your order:
  • if you cancel your order within twenty-four hours of purchase, you are eligible for a full refund 
  • A 15% cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your order after twenty-four hours of purchase.
  • And your order will not be canceled if your item is dispatched 

– Return and exchange: The product can be returned within thirty days you have received an order.

  • – Order tracking facility: Available 
  • – Shipping charges: Free shipping on orders above $99
  • – Company’s Email Address:

Cons Of Cotosen:

  • – Insufficient Cotosen Reviews online and on social sites
  • – Charges cancellation fee.
  • – The Website is less than one-year-old. 

Pros Of Cotosen:

  • – Provides your high-quality mountaineering, hiking, and climbing products 
  • – Free shipping on orders above dollar ninety-nine within twelve working days.
  • – The Website gives a two-year warranty on all it’s products 
  • – The Website has enormous collections of clothing, footwear’s and other accessories and has 1,14,000 items in stock

Is Cotosen legit?

Fine, you all must be eager to know whether the Cotosen shopping store is legit or not. So here we are with our answer! Let’s know is Cotosen legit before looking for Cotosen Reviews.

This webshop is only three months old, so it’s hard to give any opinion about the store. Though the Website seems legit due to many reasons like it has a wide variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories available in stock. The store has around 1,14,000 clothing items in stock for the buyers, as mentioned by the Website itself on its home page. The Website’s home page throws many factual features of the Website, which may capture customers’ attention.

But there are Inadequate Cotosen Reviews as there are no reviews about Cotosen store yet. In this case, we may wait until the store gains more attention from people and collect their thoughts about itself. 

This is because the store’s domain is newly launched as of 21st September 2020, which is less than six months. So, the online store which has not completed it’s six month yet in the e-commerce platform cannot be believed. And the Cotosen has this as the only drawbacks.

What Are People Saying About Cotosen Reviews?

Cotosen online store has not yet received any thoughts and feedbacks from customers now because of its new nature. So, we cannot find single reviews about the Website online and on Instagram or Facebook.


We mentioned many factual details about the site above, and we tried to bring a clear idea about the Cotosen store above. Though Cotosen is only three months old online shopping store, it has gained popularity among people quickly. 

But we are not sure about the web shop’s legitimacy or honesty as the Website needs at least six months to be trusted and judged. Furthermore, there are insufficient Cotosen Reviews present online. But if you already have experience with the Cotosen, please let us know your thoughts about this webs shop.We hope this content would be helpful for you!

7 thoughts on “Cotosen Reviews (Feb 2021) Online Scam Or Not?

  1. We placed an order to Cotosen December 22, 2020 and it’s now January 14th, 2021 and have heard nothing as of yet.
    Order has not been received. Upon emailing and live chat options informs us that no one is available to answer any questions.
    I checked my credit card account and Sayhey was paid the full amount of the purchase. If you look up Sayhey they do not have
    very good reviews indicating possible scam operation. I guess at this point I will have to go ahead and wait giving them a full
    month to deliver and if they do they will get a good review from us.

  2. третий день заказ в обработке.. проверил отзывы.. основная масса говорит, что это кидалово.. отменил заказ, прислали письмо, что неделю будут обрабатывать возврат денег.. какие еще аргументы нужны, что это кидалово?

    3 days processing order.. checked replies.. main part of them are sure of scam.. cancelled my order, received email about 7 days of processing the return of money.. need more arguments, that’s scam?

  3. Physical location, address and phone number not just email. I find 15% charge on new products returned BS along with a no location. Last question… where are products made USA or china. I guessing china! F the communist at farce book and twits as well!

  4. I am very disappointed in my decision of buying from Cotosen. My order took over three weeks to receive and only half of my order arrived upon delivery. Substandard clothing and the service is not one worth recommending. I’m trying to contact the company for a refund yet, am having a difficult time reaching a Point of Contact.

  5. Do not buy anything from This website is a total scam. The company’s website is registered in China, despite attempting to use a professional looking website and point of sale software. I have been waiting for over a month for my $155.00 purchase to move out of “order being prepared” status.

    1. If you pay attention, there are several grammatical and spelling errors throughout the site.
    2. There is no customer service number available to talk with any representatives nor any physical address for the company.
    3. The Captcha security feature used to track your order doesn’t work. You can try over and over to enter the info in the image, it will not authenticate.
    4. When you email the company directly and provide order # you will only get a generic email response with an apology for the delay and an explanation that the representative can not determine the actual shipment date.

    Call your Credit Card Company and file a fraud case. In most cases your purchase cost will be refunded through the CC Company. Don’t even bother trying to cancel your order or get a refund from

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