Costco Free Grocery Box (Nov) The Terror Of Online Scam

Costco Free Grocery Box 2020

Costco Free Grocery Box (Nov) The Terror Of Online Scam -> The article explains the terror of the scam and how to get out of it.

The scams are regularly increasing! Scams are like a leech; leech sucks your blood once it sticks to your body, same as scams stick to you and thrash you badly and convinced you to make some mistakes.

Have you stuck in any scams? As per the investigation, day by day, people are getting trolled and getting stuck in the web circle of scams. People are unknowing, without reading facts and updates, sharing their personal information, that is not at all a right decision. That’ why we are here, to make you aware of the real side of one such scam that is Costco Free Grocery Box.

The people of the United States are getting into the pool of scams, and they did not find a way to come out. So, the audience read out this blog maybe you get solution for your problem.

What is Costco Free Grocery?

Guys, the world, free is a total scam; nothing is free of cost! So open your eyes, and please see that scammers are persuading you to trap yourself in the name of free!

The Costco Facebook scam is trending these days, and it claims that many grocery stores are distributing free Christmas boxes that contain food, voucher, and groceries.

As per the introspection, we found that the scam has taken the use of false posts on Facebook and proclaim to be done by Walter Craig Jelinek, the CEO of Costco’s. Things are not in favor of the Costco free grocery, but just because people love to go for the free word, they are liking and commenting on the post.

It is necessary that we do, unlike the post, as it is a potential scam. So, Guys, Costco Free Grocery Box is a new scam nowadays; stay away from the post and avoid it.

What was written in the post?

The person said that on the occasion of the brand’s birthday, Those who will be going to share and comment on the post within 24 hours would be getting a Christmas food box at their address on Saturday, 28 November. I box per person that contains groceries of 35$ and voucher.

And we want to tell you that it is a potential scam.

 Mr. Walton’s name is dragged into this whole matter. You have to understand the thin line between reality and a scam. So, Costco Free Grocery Box Scam is a reality.

So yes, do one thing delete your comment and unlike the post.

Final Verdict

Some scams can engage by giving you tempting offers; you should not get into this matter. As a smart citizen, stand against this and post this scam on your social media page.

So that others also get to know what crime is going on around them that too in the name of one of the famous faces?

We hope the blog helps you out and aware of the latest scam threatening the people. If you have any experience of such a fraud, share with our audience, and be an eye-opener for them.

Please do comment and exchange words with us in the comment section. We would love to hear from you. So, Costco Free Grocery Box is clear to youfor any queries, check out the updates. 

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