Cooplayset com Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Cooplayset com Reviews

Cooplayset com Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> Find games online to play and slay in your free-time. Here you will find how!

Games are mediums that distract our minds and fill our lives with adventurous thoughts. Do you think like that as well? 

In today’s world, we can find gaming options that re equivalent to the current human population on the earth. Is not this amazing? This way, we can try an exciting game every day without getting bored. As our typical computers cannot take the game capacity, we always need to have a specific gaming control and hardware. However, “where can we find a perfect match” is the only question that is left unanswered even after answering. 

While searching for the answers, we decide to write Cooplayset com Reviews for yourself and citizens of The United States. In this reading session, you can easily access whether or not the website and gaming products are legit or not. Therefore, let’s move forward because after reading this article, we all need to find amazing games for ourselves.

What is Cooplayset com?

Cooplayset is a gaming brand that sells Xbox One and controllers.  This online store also gives free shipping and returns within two days. Most of the games and controllers have over 80% cost discount listing, which is unbelievable as compared to other online stores. You can purchase Xbox in a set of controllers, CDs, Headphones, Consoles, Wires and many more accessories. The company also give versatile payment options. The games, prices, shipping, refund and other features are satisfactory; however, this site is a new launch on 30Th May 2020. Considering this date, it is just 16 days old. 

Can we trust this company? Is Cooplayset com a scam? What is the site security level? This review is solely available to answer all your questions. 

Specifications of Cooplayset:

  • Website type: Games, Xbox and Gaming Accessories
  • Delivery time: No Information Found
  • Shipping charge: 10 Dollars
  • Shipping time: 2 Days
  • Return: 30 Days warranty
  • Refund: Within 14 days
  • Exchange: Within 14 Days
  • Order cancellation: Available 
  • Company address: Quanzhou Hejia Trading Co. Ltd., No. 2225, Jinhuai Street, Fengze District, North Section of Jinban Road, Fujian Province, Quanzhou City, China
  • Warehouse Address: TX 75006, STE 110 Carrollton, 2707 Realty Road, United States
  • Contact number: 7608281443
  • Email address;
  • Payment mode: PayPal and Credit Card 

Pros of Cooplayset:

  • Fast shipping period
  • Free return and fast refund
  • HTTPS secure connection
  • Two different payment modes
  • No account required to shop

Cons of Cooplayset: 

  • SSL certification is missing
  • No cash on delivery option
  • Delivery time is not mentioned.
  • An account cannot be created to track order status and other details
  • Tracking number and other information will be shared by Email, in which there is no guarantee.
  • It is a China-based company; hence, products can be duped at such attractive prices
  • Higher shipping charge
  • The return address is not mentioned.
  • New launch

Is Cooplayset legit or not?

There are millions of new launch websites in this world. Therefore, we suggest not to try such sites but wait a little longer to check the legitimacy. It is the same case with Cooplayset website, which is incepted in May 2020 and has validity until August 2020. With such a limited time, how can you lay trust on this website? The company’s address locates to China Province, which makes us susceptible to the authenticity of the products. At such cheaper rates, buying an original Xbox and its accessories is just a dream. The site neither has any site security nor asks for an account to store the order details. The shipping charge is also 10 dollars, and they contradict it with free shipping feature. We do not find this online store legit. 

Customer Feedback:

By spending 250 dollars, many users have purchased 650 dollars games, Xbox and accessories from this website. However, not all of them are happy right now with their decision. The products are a dupe and sometimes, the company never sends them. Some buyers have also stated that they had to wait for months to receive their merchandise. Overall, the website does not have many good reviews to earn your trust. 

Final Words:

This website has similar layout, features, details and payment modes that are generally available on other scamming online stores. It has a china-based address, which means it exports locally-made and duplicate products throughout the world at lower prices. We can finally conclude Cooplayset is a scam! Please add some more dollars to your budget and buy a legit game for yourself to enjoy. 

0 thoughts on “Cooplayset com Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. I order form here June 24 & I still have not received my order some one well refund my money back I wish I read this before I place my order if I don’t receive it in few weeks pay pal give me my money back to my credit card account God I hope that it’s not a Scam I really want my Xbox one

  2. Have you recieved it yet? I also bought and xbox from this company and can’t get ahold of anyone to get refunded.

  3. I have also ordered an Xbox one through them on June 13th and have not received it either. My transaction has not shown up on my Paypal account however it was debited from my debit card. Does anyone know how I would go about trying to get a refund.

  4. I tried to cancel the order 5 mins after I placed it using paypal because I saw it was all Chinese. Phone number doesnt work and I got an email reply within seconds of sending my cancel order email saying it was already shipped. I contacted paypal to report fraudulent company. It seemed to goo to be true.

  5. I was taking by this fake site as well Would post receipt but this sight won’t allow attachments.

    On July 2, 2020.. I decided to order this Xbox that is site was sailing for 166. It’s been some time now bout till this day I’m still waiting bf or a tracking number or my damn package. I have emailed these fucks and only thing I got back as a auto response. So I decided to call them and the number is disconnected. So now I’m in contact with my bank to have something done about this

  6. I placed an order for a controller over a month ago and have not received my merchandise as of yet! The phone number does not work and there is no way of tracking my order! I’m trying to get a refund!

  7. I bought a white X-box for $166.99 and have not received it. I did it through PayPal. The sender would not give me any information. When PayPal got in touch with him, he sent a tracking number. What did he send? A piece of shit, cheap control holder. PayPal is still fights with me to return my money because the tracking showed it was delivered. It’s been over a month and they are still disputing it. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

  8. I ordered an Xbox one x gears of war 5 limited edition bundle on June 29th, 2020 for $247 USD and it had been a month so on July 29th I opened I dispute with PayPal stating that I did not receive my product well today as of August 10th, 2020 I received a package in the mail with the same tracking information as the “Xbox x gears of war 5 limited edition bundle” when I first saw the package I knew something was wrong because the item came in a very small package the opposite of a real Xbox console so I open the package up and it’s a iPhone 11 phone case completely dissatisfied and disappointed because I was looking forward to having this game console before my birthday which is August 19th in short no this website is not legit by any means if you think that this is a good deal on a Xbox one x Then you’re completely wrong it’s A BIG scam now I have nothing to look forward to playing on my birthday ☹️

  9. They sent me an rubber iPhone cover after I submitted a dispute with paypal…. they sent a tracking number to paypal and that’s what they sent….where do they even sell iphone covers on that site….ugh biggest mistake I ever made. Thank God I used PayPal I pray I get my money back….

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