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Are you an avid user of online streaming services like Xfinity? If so, then do read on today’s app write-up as we lay down the specifics. 

In the United States, many people use the service Xfinity Connect. Quite recently, it started trending in the news after the company made a new announcement about the app. 

Today’s post will give you a brief idea about the company, its app, and the reason why it is in the news. 

What is 

Xfinity is ideally the trade name used for Comcast Cable Communications. It is the company’s brand for TV and internet services. In 2010, Comcast formed this brand. 

The app was used to provide these services to the users at their fingertips. It was a downloadable app. The app could let you activate internet services, access emails and voicemails. 

The users of Comcast services often used this app. Recently, it was announced that the app would be discontinued. Instead of the app, now people will have to use the web portal The portal is designed to be optimized for different devices like mobile phones. 

Things to know about it:

  • The app used to be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. 
  • On the 20th of April 2021, it was announced that the app would be retired. 
  • Though people won’t be able to access the app, they can access their emails and voicemails without any issue. 
  • People needed the subscription to use the app. 
  • The app was not available in all the areas.
  • People could manage all their contacts and also their Xfinity account using the app. 
  • Subscribers used the app to gain access to their email. 

What are people saying about the app

The fact that the app gave subscribers access to a lot of features made it quite popular among the customers. That is why the news of the app getting discontinued received a lot of attention from the people. 

Users post about the app and share that they’re disappointed that the brand has discontinued the mobile app. A lot of the other posts we came across are about the brand in general. Some of the subscribers appear to be happy, while others seem not impressed by this move taken by the brand. 

It was convenient and easy to use. Due to these reasons, the shutting down of the app was not taken positively by the customers. 


The news of the app shutting down was shared recently by the brand. This was not received well by many subscribers of the service. 

The app had made it extremely convenient for customers to access the various services offered by Xfinity. Within a few hours of the announcement, many users took to the internet to share their disappointment. 

Do you use Xfinity Connect? Do share your views on the shutting down of the app and today’s post by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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