Codes For Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021: See

Codes For Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021 (Aug) See

Codes For Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021: See >> Get the codes for enhancing the best gaming experiences of fighting with swords and multiple features on famous game.

If you are interested in to fighting classic games with swords or powers, we have brought a cool game for you. A new set of codes are launched on the game. Are you interested in knowing about it? 

These codes are not just restricted to a single player. In fact, people from the United States or any other place can access the codes. This game has even launched codes earlier, but now Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021 are grabbing gamers attention. If you are interested in knowing the new feature list, you can get it by applying these codes. Keep reading. 

What Is An Anime Fighting Simulator?

Have you heard about any simulator games? If not, this is something you must see. The game is under the genre of fighting. The creator of this anime fighting simulator game is Block Zone.

It also has a discord community where you can join and get connected to the particular gaming community.  The game is all about powers, chakras, strength, and codes for that, and they have recently launched the Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator in August 2021. The game was created in October 2019. Around 1,074,150,000 people had already visited the game. And, by 2020 of September, almost 400 million.

Redeem The Codes

  • After logging in, on the left-hand corner in the bottom, a bird sign will be visible.
  • Click on it, copy the exact code from here and paste it.
  • The code of the game will be validated automatically, and now you can redeem it.

Expired Codes

  • merrychristmas
  • 650klikes
  • oneyear500m
  • rename
  • GoodByeBugs

More of them are there, but if you are interested in knowing Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021. Keep reading the article.

Powers You Can Get In The Game

The game gives multiple options in powers like rapid punches, serious punch, which is the most incredible and strong punch, star-spangled smash, vibration wave, energy barrage, kings outburst, rock, paper scissors, air cannon, and so much more. 

All these powers can only be earned by completing quests and receiving power from bosses. The specialty of the powers are that these can also heal the damage by destroying or harming the enemy. These powers have different states of damage.

Active Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021

  • To get 75,000 Chikara – 1billionvisits!
  • For 500 Yen – sub2razorfishgaming 
  • For 50,000 Chikara – hankseveryonefor1mlikeweloveyou 
  • For 5,000 Chikara – elemperador100k! 
  • For 3,000 Chikara –  Defildpromo 
  • For 2,000 Chikara – Defildstream 
  • For 1,000 Yen – redeem the code Defildyen
  • For 1,000 Chikara – Tigre200k 
  • For 1,500 Chikara – GGgames40k 
  • For 10,000 Chikara  –  lastyearcode750k. Redeem the codes and get Chikara


At the end of the article, we advise you to paste the exact codes to avoid any mistakes. As all of the above mentioned codes are unique and you need to paste them for getting the reward by Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator August 2021.

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