Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 (March)Check Below

Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021

Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 (March)Check Below >> Please read this article to learn more about the latest news of upgrading features of online games that by using several codes.

Do you like playing games? About half of the population in the Philippines are playing Anime Fighting Simulator. Anime Fighting Simulator is a fun game in which players create a powerful fighter in the battle. 

Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 revealed, and gamers can earn bonus rewards and prizes using Latest Anime Fighting Simulator Codes. Adding all of the new Codes as in Anime Fighting Simulator is very quick. Users need to copy-paste the Codes in the respective sector. Ensure you redeem those as soon as you could and because you’ll never know whenever they’re going to expire! Every one of these codes checked on the day of publication of this article.

But what were the Keys in Anime Battle Simulator?

Anime Battle Simulator key or Codes are prizes offered by Block-Zone, generally, whenever a game hits that certain amount of likes or a media platforms goalMany people on the platform are now checking for Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 to get their reward points. Codes used to earn points like Yen and Chikara Shards.

But where can I get more codes for Anime Fighting Simulator? 

The easiest way to get the latest Anime Fighting Simulator codes is to enter the Discord in the Block-Zone. Users must also track this on social media Platform like the tweet because it also releases Codes there frequently. If you would like to gaming Anime Battle Simulator on your own, users can install Roblox from Play Store and Google play.

Here is some of the latest Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021:

  • 5000chikara – 5,000 chikara shards (new)
  • 5000chikara: Chikara Shards x5,000
  • frango2yen – yen
  • subfrango – chikara shards
  • NNG – chikara shards
  • Lastyearcode750k – chikara shards
  • fav75: Yen x500

Paste one of its codes below and insert this into the “Code” region. Tap on the Entering key, and you’ll get a few bonus currencies to support and level up your game! 

Although the Anime Fighting Simulator codes are time-limited and can expire at a specific moment, ensure that the following working codes are redeemed by now. The game maker keeps launching Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 to hold lots of people satisfied. Chikara Shards is the new code they dropped.

Anime Fighting Simulator codes (Expired)

The below Anime Fighting Simulator Codes are expired:

  • 650klikes
  • Bloodlinefixes
  • 10kfollowers
  • 20kblockzone

Well, do you know the process to redeem Anime Fighting Simulator Codes? Even when you do not even understand that how, and where to redeem the Anime Fighting Simulator codes, don’t stress. 

It is so quick. Search and tap the Twitter icon on your gameplay screen. After, the game would allow the user to enter a code; or insert any of the other Codes and boom. You’ve earned prizes. Yes, several of this Code in Anime Fighting Simulator 2021 offers free chikara or yen-the currency of this game.


A list of the current revised modern and working Anime Fighting Simulator codes. We’re listing the running and new Anime Fighting Simulator codes to upgrade your game. And therefore, this would be all in this article.

 Anime Fighting Simulator is probably among the most famous Roblox Games of all time. We’re doing our utmost to keep the article page linked all the time.

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