Cobalt Advisors Reviews [June] Is There Any Risk?

Cobalt Advisors Reviews 2020

Cobalt Advisors Reviews [June] Is There Any Risk? -> Kindly go through this review to understand their features, working, positive and negative aspects, and customer remarks.

Are you looking for effective ways for your debt consolidation? Do you want to change the way on how you manage your high-interest rate credit card debt? If yes, then you need to visit Cobalt Advisors

Cobalt Advisors is providing you with the low-interest rate debt consolidation loan in the United State. It helps cut your payments in half and makes you visible the interest rates in the single digits. 

Don’t you think that it is an excellent idea towards living a better life about managing one payment only despite multiple due dates? Yes, it is, and here comes the existence of Cobalt Advisors. They have been working towards making your life better.

Let us continue with our Cobalt Advisors Reviews so that you can get more knowledge and understanding of their working and features.

About Cobalt Advisors 

Cobalt Advisors is the debt consolidation company that is majorly working for American consumers. It is available at On their official website, they claim to make your life better by offering low-interest debt consolidation loans.

They target their consumers through cold calling, direct mails, and various internet ads. Usually, they offer them low-interest rates for their debt consolidation.

Specifications of the Cobalt Advisors

  • Type: Online debt consolidation company
  • Website:
  • Offerings: low-interest-rate debt consolidation loans
  • Secured: Yes, safe https connection and McAfee Secured
  • Blog Section: Available
  • Social Media: YouTube and Facebook
  • Contact No.: 888-226-9805
  • Address: PO Box 7102, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
  • E-mail Address:

How does it work?

A short video is provided on their official website that assists their users in how to apply for the debt consolidation loan. It is a straightforward application process. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • It would be best if you had an e-mail offer from their side. Then you would have to locate your Personal Reservation Code (PRC). It consists of two letters and a numbers series that follow.
  • The second step involves filling the information form that includes filling of your PRC, First name, Last name, E-mail Address, Phone No., Estimated household income, Estimated credit card debt, Est. Monthly credit card payments, and have to answer a question – Do you rent or own?
  • After filling all the asked information, click on continue.

They do not ask any detail about the Social Security Number or any personal account information.

Advantages of the Cobalt Advisors

  • They help in managing the only one monthly payment instead of multiple due dates and hence simplify payments.
  • They have a straightforward and easy application process.
  • They don’t ask any information concerning your Social Security Number or any personal account information.
  • They have their presence on social media on YouTube and Facebook.
  • They are McAfee secured, and SSL encoded.
  • It is not required to provide the collateral.
  • A comparison calculator is also present on their official website that helps in knowing the amount you saved.

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Disadvantages of the Cobalt Advisors

  • The debt consolidation loan provided by them is useful only for credit card debt. It can’t be used for other purposes.
  • This loan does not help pay an auto loan or a student loan.

What are the customers saying about the Cobalt Advisors?

We have visited their official website to have a look at the various testimonials present. The customers are speaking highly and positively about their services. They have stated that the Cobalt Advisors helped them in the period of their crisis. They have shown them the way out of the debt. 

They are saying that the Cobalt Advisors team listened to them patiently and carefully and helped them a lot.

But taking into consideration the other Cobalt Advisors Reviews, we have discovered that they are in doubt for the offering of as low as 3.99 % interest rate. Moreover, do you also think that the Personal Reservation Code (PRC) is only for you?

This information makes us suggest you follow your gut instinct and have to tread carefully and cautiously.


Under this class of Cobalt Advisors Reviews, we have provided you with its positive as well as negative aspects. We have even mentioned the customer remarks and what other reviews are saying. Now the choice is entirely yours.

Kindly share your thoughts with us after leaving a remark in the comment section below.

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