Clubpublix com Sweepstakes [Sep] Enjoy Lucky Winner!

Clubpublix com Sweepstakes

Clubpublix com Sweepstakes [Sep] Enjoy Lucky Winner! >> Article is detailed here with complete information on Clubpublix, read for sweepstakes winners.

Clubpublix can be regarded as free to join an associate program in which users receive personalized messages and time savings. Moreover, the members also get access to digital resources that make it a lot easier to purchase, and they are always the first to know about the information which influences their food choices.

It provides advance notice of huge discounts and deals and gives the coupon to all the customers as per the product they buy. Publix was established in the year 1930 as a single store, but now it has grown as one of the leading employee-owned grocery chains in the United States.

Clubpublix com Sweepstakes is a kind of gift card worth$ 5K, which is offered by Clubpublix.

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What is a sweepstake?

Sweepstake can be considered gambling or lottery, where the winners will get a prize or reward. In this article, we discuss the Clubpublix com Sweepstakes where all the members of clubpublix will get a chance to win the lucky draw.

Benefits of Clubpublix– There are several benefits of becoming a member of ClubPublix. Some of which are given below:

  • Make a payment quickly with the Publix app
  • With e-receipts, keep record about your purchase
  • You will receive all the latest updates regarding the launch of new products.
  • It is now offering Clubpublix com stakes for the members, which is very exciting as only a few lucky ones will get this special gift card.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for Getting Clubpublix Sweepstake?

For getting the Clubpublix com Sweepstakes, you need to become a member of the clubpublix.

  • You have to visit the official website within the stipulated time
  • Have to fill their details in the entry form, and after that, they need to submit it.

The last date for applying in this lucky draw competition is 7th October 2020, and the application process has started on 17th September 2020. But keep in mind that the entry is limited to one person daily, so if you are residing in the US, don’t miss such an opportunity for fun and getting an award.

What are the awards, and how it will be distributed among winners?

The prize will be awarded to the winners in the following way

  • The grand prize of $5000 will be given to five individuals as a gift card
  • The first prize of $500 will be given to thirty individuals as a gift card
  • The second prize of $250 will be given to thirty individuals as gift cards
  • The third prize of $100 will be given to seventy-five individuals as gift cards.

Final Conclusion:

The name of the winners of Clubpublix com Sweepstakes will be declared on the same day, that is, 12th October 2020, and the winners will be chosen randomly from among all the eligible candidates. The latter have filled their form with relevant details. All the winners will be notified through mail or phone call. For further information, you have to keep your eyes on the official website.

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