Clothworthy Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One

Clothworthy Reviews 2020

Clothworthy Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One >> The article includes information about the website that sells outfits for ladies.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the website due to its polish finish done by the scammers. It does not mean that all the websites are dubious or a scam. But checking before buying from any site is the wise decision that you can do. In this article, we will discuss whether it Is Clothworthy Legitor not. Because there are lots of suspicious websites still active and fooling people.

It is also found that the scam website randomly mentions the address of the United States, but if they do not belong to the US. They use virtual addresses by hiring some services to fool buyers. It is essential to inquire about the contact address and know whether it is a real or fake address.

One of the best ways to identify the website is by reviewing the customer comments. It will give an idea of whether the site is real or not, the absence of any feedback or review will indicate you about its unpopularity. So, whatever you do, make sure that you should try to check all the points before placing an order from any new website. Like we will discuss Clothworthy Reviews in this article.

What is is an online store that sells short pants, casual, hot pants, t-shirts, yoga pants, and lots more wears and outfits for women. You can also get various discounts and offers on a particular product as per your purchase. The company is offering a fast delivery offer that for free.

The company runs a clearance sale; if you purchase the product of over $69.99, you will get a free home delivery service from the company sides. The company is also offering 30 days of free returns where you can return to exchange the product within the given time.

But during our research on the website the company look suspicious and found many flaws like the address mentioned on the website is not legit, it is a virtual address. The same address is used by several other scam websites previously. The site is also using copied images and content. It seems that is misleading the buyers by putting wrong information and by making fake promises.

So, whatever you do, please do not submit any details about your bank information in such types of misguiding websites


  • Email Id:
  • Contact Address: RM 1902 easey commbldg. 253-261 Hennessey road wan chaiHK, 999077
  • Contact Number – +852 56681486

Pros of

  • It is an online store that sells pants, hot jeans, shirts, yoga jeans, and parcels more wear and outfit for ladies. 
  • You can likewise get different limits and offers on specific items according to you buy. 
  • The website is offering within 24 hours of free delivery if you purchase. 
  • is running closeout deal; if you buy the result of over $69.99, then you will get a free home conveyance administration from the organization sides. 
  • The organization is additionally offering 30 days of free returns where you can come back to trade the item inside the given time.

Cons of

  • The sites looks dubious and discovered numerous defects like the location referenced on the website aren’t genuine; it is a virtual location where no company is situated. 
  • A similar situation is utilized by a few other trick sites beforehand. The site is likewise using duplicated pictures and articles. 
  • It appears that the website is misdirecting the purchasers by putting incorrect data and by doing false guarantees. 
  • Along these lines, whatever you do kindly don’t present any insights data related to your bank in such sorts of misinforming sites.

Is Clothworthy Legit?

The website is hiding the real identity of the owner by putting fake contact address. The address found on the web page is similar to other scam websites, the images are copied, and it does not seem legit. So it is better to stay safe from this kind of website.

What is the customer saying about

We don’t find any positive comments or Clothworthy Reviews that give a clear perception of the website during our analysis. The expert not recommended this website and marked it as a fake or scam website.


As per our study, we will not recommend this website and suggest choosing any other site for purchasing or going for online shopping. Because it is having lots of faults that don’t suggest us to make you prefer this website. Let us know your thoughts on comment section below.

0 thoughts on “Clothworthy Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One

  1. I made a purchase on this site and then realized it wasn’t in CAD which it seemed it was. As soon as I got the email confirmation and saw it in USD, I cancelled the order by contacting their customer support right away to cancel it. They went back and forth with me for days not wanting to cancel the order and offering a $5 gift card which was ridiculous. After many days of requesting to cancel my order, over 5 requests to do so, they then processed the order and sent the items with a tracking number! I was so pissed that they did this intentionally after so many requests to cancel it. They are totally unprofessional and have no clue about customer service or how to treat a customer. I’ve never had such a poor customer experience than from this ‘company’ and I’m sure I probably won’t even get the order delivered.

  2. Total scam that I suckered myself into. Saw an ad that they were going out of business and all items were discounted. I should’ve looked up that the company was only founded a few months ago by an umbrella that has many other similar “companies” all following the same scam. The website claims 24 hour delivery. It’s been over a months and my order still isn’t here. While I have a tracking idea it took well over 3 weeks for the order to be in transit, by that time I had already requested a refund and disputed the charge with my bank. Even though I’d requested a refund before it even shipped, three times, clothworthy is now saying I’m not eligible because the order in now shipped. I just looked at the tracker and the order was in my city, but it’s now in another state! Unreal, lesson learned.

  3. I just found your review as I ordered shorts from them and just hoped for the best, assuming they’d be from China. They are so much worse than that. The quality is abysmal. I ordered bamboo harem shorts and grey mélange sweatshorts and they’re both straight up plastic polyester garbage. I strongly suggest avoiding them. I emailed for a refund, which they better agree to.

    1. the exact same thing happened to me! blatant false advertising, claiming they’re made from “eco-friendly bamboo”. I was so pissed. have you had any luck with a refund? I’ve emailed about 20 times and they just keep giving me the same copied and pasted response.

  4. Clothworthy is absolutely a scam. I ordered from them to Canada and they sent me garbage. I’m currently reporting them and working on a refund.

  5. I just got my shipment from Clothworthy today. It took over a month, but if you read their website, they do say it can take that long.

    I’m satisfied that I got the items I purchased.

    However, their eco friendly bamboo fiber capris and casual pants, unless bamboo can be classified as cotton polyester blend made in China, well there is not truth to the claim. The shorts had no tag left in them other than the size, so I would have to assume the same is true, although the feel of them is different… I like!

    but are they worth the price considering the length of time shipping, and the not so unique material it’s made of? I think not.

  6. I was scammed! I paid over $90 and it took a month to get the items and they were not at all as advertised! Complete false advertising! The fabric was advertised as bamboo and organic cotton but everything is polyester! I am going to report this company to Better Business Bureau and file with my bank as a fraudulent charge. I am livid!

  7. I ordered from them and the items were too small, not as per their size guide. I asked to return per their 30 day return policy and they refuse to take it back stating shipping costs would be too high to return. Don’t buy from them!

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