Clothmyths Reviews [May] Read Truth About This Site

Clothmyths Reviews 2020

Clothmyths Reviews [May] Read Truth About This Site -> So today, we reviewed this website and concluded many of the things. Do let us know what were your experiences with this high-end shopping website.

The first impression is the last! Wherever you go, your dressing sense is the answer to your personality. Do you think that you should bring some spice to your wardrobe? Do we have an answer to this question of yours? Clothmyths Reviews offers you a vast range of dresses, blouses, and accessories which can spark your closet with its collection. Not just clothes, but it also deals with lingerie so that the person can feel confident within. 

It is a website established in United State which came up with the idea to color block the world with their collection. They offer you their selection for every occasion- like office wear, party wear, gym wear, and girl’s day out. Every piece of this website you buy leaves a mark on the person.

Know more about is a clothing website that was started in 2019 in the United States. It developed with a mindset to change the perspective of fashion in the world with its wide range. It is secured with https:// which assures that the website is safe.

It gives shipping free over 69$. The recent offers are 1 free on 2 clothing pieces. If you register with the website as a member, then it offers you a fantastic discount.

It is available on all social media platforms, and one can shop from it as well. It is very much active in its posts.

Its return policy is also quick, and it deals with the customer quickly.


  • Type: Fashion
  • Available: Yes
  • Newsletter: Yes, One can write to them
  • Established in: 2019
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook
  • Secured: Yes, Secured with https://
  • Additional services: Serving with masks these days
  • Email: Not mentioned on the website

How does it work? works as a fashion website that deals with clothing. It offers an excellent discount if one registers itself. The return policy of is rapid as it responds within 24 hours on its customer care helpline number and assures replacement. Clothmyths Masks Reviews is a United States-based website that delivers the order within 3 to 5 business days, and the shipping charges are also affordable. It deals with lots of fashion styles like the dress, top, bottom, accessories, lingerie and breathable mask also etc. These days it also deals with filter masks and scarves to cover the face. It believes in the fact that one must look presentable with its fashion. 

Pros of

  • It is secured https://
  • It has quick customer service.
  • It deals with high-end fashion
  • It is available on social media platforms
  • Offers attractive discounts
  • No negative reviews on any platform about the website

Cons of

  • Some of the items are very expensive.
  • The site is not pocket friendly.
  • There is no section on the website.

Customer Remarks

The customer review of this website is that people are highly satisfied with its collection as it offers high-end fashion. The price is the topic to worry about as the prices are very high and everyone cannot afford it. The site has a plus point that it is available on every social media platform and responds very quickly to any query. The return policy does justice to the website. 

All the reviews about the site say that the website is legitimate and honest to its words. It delivers the order quickly and allows every payment mode. The website is completely secured and will enable one to trust on it.

Wrapping Up

Today we reviewed this United States-based website, which is a complete revolution when it comes to clothing fashion as the range is entirely stunning and attractive. 

The site is an actual legit as we found zero negative reviews of this website on the internet. But the prices are a big reason to worry as they are high; still, it has been said that quality is expensive. The products are very much up to the mark, and the quality is fabulous, so the price is alright to be high as it does justice to the product. 

It not only sells dresses but also sells masks, accessories. They do multitask and succeed in it. We conclude by saying that this website is indeed legit, and one must try shopping with it.

15 thoughts on “Clothmyths Reviews [May] Read Truth About This Site

    1. placed an order at the end of May. The order has been “awaiting pick up” in California since 06/05/2020. I was supposed to get the order within 2-3 weeks of placing it. Almost two months later, here we are and I still haven’t received the shipment. I disputed the charges with my credit card company and they ended up giving me a full refund after they concluded their investigation.


  1. On May 27th, I ordered 22 face masks for my wedding on June 20. I received a notice that they were shipped on June 2. It is now June 29th, and they still haven’t arrived, Customer Service has misspellings and I’m unable to track my order. I requested a full refund if I returned my order unopened. They countered with a 20% refund and keep the masks. Do not buy from this company.

  2. They are ABSOLUTELY China based. They may have done biz for a few months after establishing in 11/2019, but as found on all other reviews started not delivering or refunding around April. They did not even ship for a few weeks and now months later blame the failure to deliver on everything – especially Covid. They refuse to refund on grounds of “…we only refund when the product is returned…”. # months – and lots of (may be) stuck in customs – for a month???? Which only means it was not cleared for something on their shipment. Now even their shipping agent can’t update…but they keep on sayin WAIT…..not sure for what. Ordered in May July 4 stuff….now useless. That they continue to solicit business and payments daily through all that time – knowing that they can’t deliver is a good indication of why you should avoid ordering. That they insisted on charging insurance at purchase….and won’t even address a “claim” – (take choice of reasons)…..yet another. If it ain’t a scam, not sure how else to define it. Still awaiting a refund for something if they have sent I would refuse delivery on – but is (if sentZ) still with their contract carrier and not in the USPS – even according to their own system:
    Jun 26,2020 9:5:4 【BRISBANE,CA】 Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
    Jun 11,2020 12:41:14 【LOSANGELES – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA】 Arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, Custom clearance processing.
    Jun 10,2020 12:41:14 【GUANGZHOU】 Departed Facility in GUANG ZHOU BAI YUN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
    Jun 9,2020 12:41:14 【GUANGZHOU】 Departed Facility in GUANGZHOU

  3. Above order was made in may, shortened tracking history here…same result – months and not delivered to USPS – nor refunded – nor anything but BS from them.

  4. I too ordered from clothmyths on 4/22/2020 and still have not recieved. Tracking has shown the same message ” In transit L. A.” Keep getting the same runaround from the so called customer service department.
    I’m trying to resolve through CC company.
    Do NOT waste your time or money on this company.
    Obviously a scam.

  5. I have similar problem. I ordered back in may still supposedly in transit in Brisbane, California. I have emailed for refund get same response on the way. Well I don’t even want them anymore I had to purchase other ones. I believe they are going online with a different name because it’s the SAME pictures. I am fighting for my refund through PAYPAL. DO NOT order from this place or new one you will NOT receive what you ordered and end up with a headache. Like we need more stress besides the pandemic!

  6. I had a similarly miserable experience with this company and don’t understand how the original review is even real. It is not US based, my order from May 31 arrived July 9, and the quality of 5 face masks I purchased is terrible. I asked for a refund and was given only $4.50!! Plus I’m trying to write a review on their website and can’t, even after asking a customer service representative how to do it! I feel foolish for having been suckered into buying from this company.

  7. I ordered a few tops last year. Took a very long time for delivery but overall I was happy with them. I’m thinking of ordering more but after reading all the bad reviews I’m wondering if I just got lucky the first time. I would like to know if there is a more reputable site to order theses same clothes from because I really do love most of their styles and find them unique.

  8. I ordered a 3XL Bra for my wife, who is a 38DDD. Part of it came apart while she was putting it on, and another part, the stitching pulled apart, if it was ever stitched on to begin with, because after looking at it, it doesn’t look like it was even sewn on. Even once she did get it on, it looked 3-4 times smaller than what it should have. Either it was an XL in a 3XL package, or it was entirely WAY smaller than the size chart stated. Kind of sucks for as long as it took for me to finally get it. (2 months to ship from China) Their size chart is NOT realistic, It shows a 3XL being a US size 16-18, but shows a 34.5in bust size? WRONG!!! US Size 16-18 bust sizes are normally a 38-40in. A 34.5in bust size would be a size 10-12 US, NOT a Size 16-18, Which probably explains why this product was way too small. WHen I contacted the company about getting a refund, I was told…..We are sorry for your inconvenience. But according our return policy, masks, swimsuit, lingerie, bodysuits, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories are personal and not returnable. How about sending $10 cash couupon for you? You can keep it as a gift.
    To which I replied back…..Your size chart was WRONG, AND your product was DEFECTIVE. I want a refund for YOUR defective product sold with an incorrect sizing chart. A $10 cash coupon won’t do me any good since I will not be ordering from you again. And they replied back with….The return process is more troublesome. How about we refund 20% of the unfit item? Or you can return them for a full refund or exchange. My reply? Refund 20%? That would be $1.99, or $3.99 if you go by the total with shipping. You want me to pay to return an item that was defective and clearly never should have gotten past quality control, let alone shipped out. Which is funny, because if you scroll up, you’ll see that ****** told me I couldn’t return it, but now your saying I can. Looks like I wasted $20.

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