Clothify 2u Reviews [July] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Clothify 2u Reviews 2020

Clothify 2u Reviews [July] Is This Authentic Or A Scam? >> In this article, you will get to know about the online site offering women dresses and fashion accessories.

The people today have become more prone to online sites and believe not to waste their time shopping outside. The need to pay for goods on the internet is taking the place of those shops working on roads. 

But, we know every boon comes with a bane, so the new web pages in online patronage are stealing and hoaxing with the consumers. The e-commerce shops lure clients with attractive discounts and further take their trust by cheating. Hence, we are writing all the best points about Clothify 2u Reviews.

That is why the companies are switching their business into technological websites to increase sales. They can make more money on the internet enterprise rather than working directly in markets. 

So, we are here reviewing the particular website in detail for adequate knowledge about the store. The shop is serving consumers from the United States. And, we will be exploring its products to buy excellent products in the future. 

Let us understand about the online site clothify2u in-depth. 

What is Clothify 2u? 

The company sells unique women costumes, fashion accessories, and other assets for the sake of the shoppers. The online store has given excellent images on its website but, without quality check, you can’t trust them all.

After our in-depth scrutiny, we disclose that the company is giving massive rebates on each product and making it only $1 plus for every item. It shows that the web page is trying to attract customers with no so-so-reliable deals and maybe a fake online shop.

But, we cannot remark anything about clothify2u validation. But, when we go further, we also excavate that the mart has limited traffic on its website, and there are no consumer reviews to read on its website. Also, the enterprise’s domain name is registered a few months back making us doubt about the online site of its rightfulness. 

Specifications of picking Clothify 2u:

  • Website: 
  • Email: 
  • Processing Duration: The website takes two to five days in the process of the order. 
  • Return Policy: The company accepts returns only within forty-five days of buying the item. 

Objectives of selecting Clothify 2u: 

  • The online store has a lot of products to deliver to its clients.  
  • The company provides free shipping on returns. 
  • The web is giving a twenty percent deduction on first order with a unique coupon code provided on the website.

Shortcomings of preferring Clothify 2u: 

  • The online mart is providing huge rebates on every commodity, making the suspicion about the website. 
  • The association has enlisted its domain name recently, leaving us to think about its legality.  
  • The shop has a low audience market in terms of website sales.

Client Reviews: 

The website has no consumer feedback written on the web-store. It is a sign of an untrustworthy online store from which we shall never buy a buy product. But, still, we are doing our promising to provide you Clothify 2u Reviews.

We all understand that shopper’s ratings are advantageous in all sense. It helps to judge the website’s legitimacy. Also, it aids others in visiting customers in paying online for a specific webpage. 

Ultimate Verdict:

Our extreme study about clothify2u declares that the website is new to the internet world. Also, its domain is enrolled a couple of days ago that keeps it in the area of concern. We always lay for the webpage that has enormous sales with excellent reviews, but the site has nothing in that field.

We tried our best to search for information that can prove its validity. But, we couldn’t do that as the online shop lacks data on the internet. So, we cannot say whether the website is legit or not.

But, we can suggest you not to purchase anything from the particular webpage. Because it can expand the risk of cheating and fraud with payment methods as well. So, we can advise you only, but, after all the last option is yours – whether to go for this website or not. 

But, you shall not fuss because we are eternally here to administer you with the correct knowledge about the online stores and its ratings. So, you never choose any decoy webpage for your buying technique.   

So, let’s not stress and think the better for the future process of online goods. There is numerous website suffering great deals on products. So, you can explore other excellent webpages for the necessary products that you can acquire quickly. And, lastly don’t forget to write about the review of our article below. Hope we served you correctly!

0 thoughts on “Clothify 2u Reviews [July] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

  1. I need to cancel My order! The e mail address I was given is a scam!
    I am having a hard time getting a hold of them to cancel My order!
    They overcharged Me and I am going to dispute the charge when it is processed.
    I am very unhappy with this site. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!
    I can’t even find a tel. no. for them.

    1. Same thing is happening to me..charged me 3 times what the price was and ordered July 13 and still nothing.They even blocked me on Facebook messenger

  2. I tried ordering here after having very good luck on & Tophatter. I just checked with the Mastercard and it said that there were two fraudulent charges made yesterday from China that luckily Mastercard had immediately declined.

  3. Hello, am adeosun seun from Nigeria with email address . I think have fall for their fraud. I purchase an item worth $21.88 and apply their code thereby being charged $17.50 dollars. Rather the site charged me $158 and added items I never ordered for. Have been trying to reach them through their mail. I received a mail from Tom Suarez saying they are experiencing bankruptcy and that I should cancel my order by entering the I’d on I was even told to track my items on borderles360. com with the email I used in registering on their I did that all to no avail. Tried contacting them back but I got no response.

  4. So is this online store legit or not? I was planning on buying clothing online from them but then I was looking for reviews. I found them on Facebook but alot of people reply with angry emojis. What is that about?

    No customer that has bought from them come onto the Facebook page and say that it’s a scam or not. People rely on each other for feedback so that otehr8do not get scammed into things. We’re suppose to look out for each other no matter where in the world we find ourselves.

    So I take it I shouldn’t buy from this online store then.



  5. I came across this website clothify on Facebook & their prices are WAAAAY too good to be true so I myself won’t be purchasing ANYTHING from them. Better safe than sorry!

  6. CLOTHIFY2U It’s a scam. I made an order but my bank stopped the sale . They are in China and they charged my card 2 different amounts ,almost twice as much when they put it through. My bank luckily stopped it but they cancelled my card .

  7. My sister ordered from this shopper and this actual store did not take her money but used her card to a motel room along with over 100 worth of they will drain your bank account.

  8. Tried to make a purchase and it came back that my payment method failed. A few minutes later I got a txt from bank asking if I made a $57.09 purchase. My “cart” came to $15…so now my bank has frozen my card

  9. I placed an order on July 8th and they said card refused and order canceled. Then I did what I should have done first. Found out it was a scam. Just received a call Master Card asking if I made a charge yesterday of 700 + dollars. I told them no and asked what it was for and they said an iPhone. I use a Trac phone to save money. This is my Social Security debit card so this very scary. Please do not use this sight!!

  10. I disputed the fake charges, and the bank couldn’t help Me. I didn’t keep a copy of My invoice, although
    the charges were bogus! IT IS DEFINITELY A FRAUD THERE MUST BE A

  11. all I got to say is “wow” the same for me but I hope and keep my fingers crossed hoping I will get a package soon, I am too poor to suffer and keep being suckered by these scammers.

  12. me siento igual estafada, no tenemos respuesta de nuestra compra ni el dinero, nunca me enviaron la guia de despacho NADA. quien nos va ayudar, de una se lo cobraron en mi tarjeta mastercard

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