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Cleanclus com Reviews [July] Is It a Legit or Scam Site?

Cleanclus com Reviews 2020

Cleanclus com Reviews [July] Is It a Legit or Scam Site? -> This article will guide you through the website that sells disinfectants and will state if they are legit or not.

Who would have thought that there would be websites solely for disinfectants? The Cleanclus com Reviews will elaborate further.

The pandemic outbreak is still not under control. With the continuous spread of this pandemic, there is a huge demand for disinfectants in the market. People prefer keeping their homes and vehicles sanitized and free of any virus. Therefore, they are buying sanitizers, cleaners, and bleach for safety purposes. 

Are you also looking for a means to purchase such disinfectants without stepping out of your home? Then you are in the right place because we will be transporting you to a virtual trip to such a site that is situated in the United States

Read this article carefully to gain the ability to understand the details of this store and Is Cleanclus com Legit. 

What is Cleanclus?

The Cleanclus com Reviews reveal that this store sells disinfectants to keep your home, cars, and even pets safe and away from viruses. They have categorized their products into Outdoor, Laundry, Cleaning and Disinfecting, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Pet.

Their Home Page mentions ‘Clorox’ as the company’s name and the products in the same name. They provide free shipping over $50 and are currently running a flash sale to prevent the spread of this disease. All their products are on sale right now and are available at a meager price. 

They offer fast delivery of orders that contain high-quality products. They claim that shopping with them is safe and that they render convenient service. Let us know Is Cleanclus com Legit in the article here below.  

Specifications of Cleanclus

  • Website URL:
  • Website type: A web store that sells disinfectants
  • Shipping Time: Nothing mentioned on the page
  • Delivery Time: Within 6-8 days from the shipment
  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping over $50
  • Return/ Exchange: Not specified on the website
  • Cancellation: The website does not mention
  • Refund: Not stated 
  • Company Address: No information about the address
  • Contact Number:  Not disclosed on the page
  • Email ID: Not provided 
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, PayPal

Who is Cleanclus for?

This website is suitable for those who wish to buy the disinfectants online and don’t feel like stepping out of their homes. The site contains products for Outdoor, Laundry, Cleaning and Disinfecting, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Pet. 

Get the insight of this website through the pros and cons hereunder:

Pros of Cleanclus

  • This site is SSL certified as the domain name uses HTTPS.
  • They are solely focused on a single product line i.e., disinfectants.
  • They offer free delivery of over $50.

Cons of Cleanclus

  • They do not have an ‘About Us’ page.
  • The contact details are missing.
  • They have not mentioned any links to their social media pages.

Is Cleanclus Legit?

For a website to be legit, it must be fair and transparent with its customers. A legit website must contain all the necessary information for anyone to rely on them. 

However, the Cleanclus com Reviews exclaim that this site is missing out on various necessary details like address, policies, and About Us page. Thus, many things make this website unreliable and cannot be stated as legit for now.

What are the reviews ?

This website has no customer reviews. They are not even rated on any other site. It is difficult to say whether one should rely on it or not. 

Furthermore, a legit website will always mention all the information like address, owner’s details, reviews, etc. which this website is lacking. Therefore, calling it a genuine website would not be fair.

It is advisable that before you deal with an online store, get through with the company first.


Cleanclus com Reviews say Cleanclus is a website that sells disinfectants, but the primary question is if this site is infecting the online market? Well, after observing all the information stated above, we cannot say that this is a trustworthy website. 

Moreover, the domain name of this company was recently registered. It means that the site is new in the market, which makes it enough to say that this is not a legit site as of now.

Hence, we do not recommend it to our readers.

Have you dealt with Cleanclus recently? What are your thoughts about this website? Share your views in the comments section below.

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  1. This website is a scam!! They say item is shipped and provide a tracking number that was delivered over 2 weeks before purchase was made.

    1. Same thing happened to me, cleanclus sent out a tracking number and it said it was delivered the day before I even placed my order.
      I contacted PayPal and then filled a claim, a new tracking number was sent and again no package.
      PayPal denied my claim because they could see tracking numbers were provided.
      I called PayPal and was able to get them to refund my money and was told that used/stolen tracking numbers are the new thing.

  2. ABSOLUTE SCAMMERS I had the exact same problem, was provided tracking # that said order was delivered the day before I placed the order, Have sent 7 messages so far, no reply. Now I have to haggle this out with Pay Pay, great!

  3. Yes this site is a scam I ordered items didn’t even receive them it was supposedly delivered before I got the tracking number information

  4. I agree. SCAM. They supposedly shipped the products 9 days before I actually created the order. PayPal is helping me now.

  5. This is a scam website. Will send you a tracking number on a product that was already delivered days before your order

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