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Civvl Review 2020

Civvl Review (Sep) Checkout the Complete Information! >> If you are looking for an app that provides job to eviction and server agents, then this is a must-read review for you

Are you looking for an app that serves eviction crews and process server? Do wish you earn extra during this Covid-19?  Please read our complete Civvl Review to know more about one such company that claims to provide jobs by registering on the site and taking a nominal fee of 35$ in the United States.

About Civil:

Civvl is an application launched by Civvil Company that acts as a bridge between property preservation or process servers or eviction crews and law firms or property owners or plaintiffs or landlords. 

Through this app, you can easily share your job application to the posted jobs in your area. If your profile is relevant as per the requirement of the company, it will get in touch with you after accessing your documents for speedy initiation of work. Also, there are a lot of Civvl Review online.

The company has presence across the United States in all 50 states and Canada. It works in various sectors:

  • Plaintiffs / Courts
  • Landlords / Property Managers
  • Banks / Realtors
  • Estates

How to become a Civvl Agent?
You can quickly become Civvl Agent, by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Create your profile
  • Step 2: List all of the services you give.
  • Step 3: Start getting enough opportunities.
  • Step 4: Start earning in your area. 

What are the opportunities for Civvl Agent?
You can become an Eviction Agent or a Server Agent and start earning today. You can work on your own. Both profiles offer flexibility.
 Eviction Agent:

  • Property Preservation: Maintain property security
  • Debris Removal: Clear out and secure properties

 Server Agent 

  • Serve Papers: Serve court documents.
  • Post Notices: Visit properties to post 

What customers have to say?

The feedback is a reflector of a company’s reputation in the market. Let’s us read some of the mixed Civvl Review we found on the internet.

One of the user says he is working as an eviction crew member and got very busy. He is glad he founded Civvl.

Another says it’s a decent app, good way to make money in tis Covid.

On the other hand, we found some critical reviews as well:

One customer says, It’s a scam and recommending others not to download. There is no job available. He would give 0 stars if possible. The app needs to be removed even from the app store. 

Other say the similar things that Civvl is unethical and is responsible for human right’s violation. Its signup fee is 35$ and would be changed according to your compensation any time. 

Our Final Views:

Based on our research and customer reviews given by users in the United States, we can say that though the app is like a bridge between clients and but there is a 35$ fee. Still, there is no surety of getting a job, and it could be changed anytime, which is not a good sign.  

The majority of reviews are not in favour of this app. Thus, we do not suggest you proceed with it.

If you also have any experience with this app, please share your Civvl Review in the comment box below.

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