Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee (April) Find The Details!

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Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee (April) Find The Details! >> How to Track the Shipment of Shopee? The write-up shares the steps for tracking the shipment online using the recipient number.

The leading ecommerce company and shipping company have collaborated to offer hassle-free shipping services to all customers across Indonesia. Now online shoppers can Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee using different methods.  

All orders can be checked online by the Shopee users using Ninja Xpress after their purchase at the store. Now, buyers, Shopee, and Ninja Xpress can benefit from the service. Customers are no longer required to wait for the freight forwarder service to get the purchased item delivered. 

There are several ways to check the items at the Ninja Xpress after placing an order.

What is Ninja Xpress?

Ninja Xpress or Ninja Van is the leading shipping company that helps ecommerce websites and stores to deliver the items safely to the final destination. Presently, the shipping or Courier Company is operating at major destinations across the world, including Indonesia

Shopper buyers can now Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee after completing their purchase at the store.  It has also collaborated with the leading ecommerce company, Shoppe, to help deliver the goods timely and safely.  

The shopee buyers are no longer required to rely on the freight service providers to deliver their products purchased at the store. Ninja Xpress offers two different courier services, Regular and Next Day Service. The Regular Ninja ensures delivering the items within 1-3 days, and Ninja Next Day Service ensures one-day delivery. 

The delivery services are chargeable depending upon the location and services opted by the customers.   

What are the Methods to Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee?

As mentioned, Shopee and Ninja Xpress have collaborated to make the product delivery hassle-free. However, customers have to choose Ninja Xpress as their delivery partner after shopping online at Shopee. There are two different ways to track the shipment – website and mobile application.

Website Shipment Tracking:

  • Go to the official website of Ninja Xpress
  • On the homepage of the website, you will see the tracking column
  • Enter the receipt number you have got after completing the purchase 
  • Click on the “Track” button
  • Please wait until the website extracts the detailed information of shipment and share it with you  

Application Shipment Tracking:

The second option to Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee is via mobile application. It is faster and handy for many users. 

  • Download the Ninja Xpress application from the app store of your device. It is available both for iOS and Android devices
  • Register on the application
  • If you already have an account, launch the application on your device
  • On the home screen, you will see two columns, “Track Package” and “New Message,” click on the “Track Package” option
  • Now enter the recipient number and click on the “Track” option
  • The system will process and provide you the shipment details on the screen    


Shipment tracking has become easier for the customers of shopee online. Customers can now Cek Resi Ninja Xpress Shopee using the recipient number provided to them when shopping at the shopee. 

The steps mentioned above make the shipment tracking process more accessible and hassle-free. Did you ever track the shipment of the shopee? Please share your experiences in the comment section.  

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