Thinking of Going Nicotine-Free? Try CBD to Quit Smoking

Complete Information CBD to Quit Smoking

Cannabidiol, or CBD to Quit Smoking, is famous for its health benefits. Many studies indicate its potential to relieve anxiety, pain, stress, and inflammation. By boosting new cell growth, it can also repair the damage done by free radicals.

Among the many positive effects that it can impart, CBD is now known for supporting people battling nicotine addiction. This post gives you information about how to use CBD to help you stop smoking.

Scientific Studies on CBD as a Nicotine-Free Alternative

CBD, or hemp cigarettes, also look and feel like real cigarettes. Since hemp cannabis is rich in CBD and minimal THC, they don’t induce psychoactive effects. Also, hemp doesn’t contain nicotine.

Studies show that CBD can help someone trying to quit tobacco by achieving a similar effect as regular cigarettes. In addition, it also offers several other benefits like reduced cravings. 

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Neutralized Cigarette Triggers

When you try to quit smoking, one of the biggest challenges is trying not to give in to triggers. Anything you see in your daily routine can increase your urge, such as the smoking booth at work. Even when you see a character on a TV show smoking, you can get triggered. 

People with nicotine addiction find it hard to ignore these triggers. Studies show that CBD reduces your responses to smoking cues. 

In 2018, a study conducted on smokers with addiction had fewer responses to cigarette cues. They asked one group not to smoke for 12 hours, and some were given a placebo and CBD oil. 

After this abstinence period, scientists noted that the participants who took CBD didn’t show their typical response to pleasant cigarette cues. Also, their systolic blood pressure level was lower. That means CBD can suppress, reduce, or stop your urges.

Reduced Nicotine Cravings

Nicotine addiction can be hard to beat, and tobacco smokers face cravings during their journey. Even when someone is on the road to recovery, powerful nicotine cravings may cause relapse. But evidently, CBD can help you reduce the intake. 

In 2013, scientists found baffling results in a randomized controlled trial. It was a double-blind study where half of the affected smokers received CBD inhalers. The other half of the group got a placebo inhaler each. 

They got instructions that they could use their inhaler if they felt a smoking urge. After a week, the placebo group still smoked the same number of cigarettes as they usually did. But in the CBD inhaler group, the number reduced by 40% and continued it even during the follow-up. 

Hence, the researchers involved in the study reported that the findings could suggest the impact of CBD on the human ECS. CBD’s action on weak CB1 endocannabinoid system receptors inhibited the FAAH enzyme. In turn, its nicotine-boosting properties are reduced, and hence, CBD can be a future treatment to stop smoking.

How to Use CBD to Fight Nicotine Addiction?

Researchers theorize that CBD has the potential to reduce all types of cravings in general. This includes drug-seeking behaviors and impulsions related to addiction. Other clinical studies show that CBD can improve focus, memory, and alertness and reduce stress and anxiety – addiction relapse triggers.

But simply relying on CBD may not help tobacco smokers quit nicotine. You should also have a personalized quit-smoking plan along with switching to CBD cigarettes. 

  • List the Reasons for Quitting: Be clear about your expectations and keep reminding yourself of the goal. This list can motivate you when cravings hit from time to time and help you overcome obstacles. 
  • Set a Start Date: Plan for the day to quit. It will give you ample time to make arrangements and mentally prepare to kick off the habit. Mark the date on your calendar, and no matter what happens, stop smoking from that day.
  • Get a Support System: Remove all visible triggers and cigarettes from your surroundings. Tell your family and friends about your decision to quit so that you will have a support system. Or reach out to a support group, sponsor, or counselor. 
  • Plan to Avoid Triggers: Suppose you smoke after dinner every day or have a smoke break at work. It is better to add another activity to do during those times. Planning this way will reduce the chances of facing your nicotine triggers. 
  • Use CBD: You can buy CBD vape pens, cartridges, or flowers that emulate the feeling of smoking. Keep these nicotine-free cigarette substitutes within your reach so that you can take care of tobacco pangs right away.

Buy CBD from a Reputed Brand

When you buy CBD to help you stop smoking, the products should be of top quality. Whether you vape, smoke, eat, or dab CBD, check the label for ingredients. You can also look at the lab reports for each item to know what goes into its making. 

Finally, review the certificate of analysis and check whether the manufacturer’s facility adheres to FDA regulations.

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