4 Surprising Reasons to Use Casein Protein Powder

4 Reasons to Use Casein Protein Powder

If you are an active person, you understand the benefits of proteins before and after workouts. Milk is one of the most available proteins, and it contains whey and casein. In milk, you consume both of those proteins combined, but you can also get them separately.

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Casein Benefits

Casein makes up 80% of the protein in milk. If you want to consume casein as a supplement, you can find it in forms. Micellar casein is the more natural form of the protein, and it has the closest resemblance in the chemical structure of the protein as found in milk.

Casein hydrolysate is the other form, and it is normally broken down, which allows for quicker digestion and absorption.

While many people consume whey supplements, there are also numerous benefits you can get from casein, including:

Builds more muscle

According to Legion Athletics professionals, “you should consume casein protein before you go to bed. That is because it is a slow-digesting protein, and it offers a slow but steady amino acid flow to your muscles as you sleep.”

When you are asleep, your body releases high amounts of the human growth hormone, which plays a major role in building lean muscle mass. However, for that to happen, there need to be proteins available for synthesis.

Taking casein before you sleep provides the required protein and thus results in more muscle growth.

Promotes fat loss

Numerous studies indicate that consuming more protein promotes fat loss and increases the growth of lean muscle.

More studies indicate that if you include both casein and whey in your calorie-controlled diet and couple that with resistance training, not only will it help build more lean muscle but also help you lose more fat.

Improves your recovery after a workout

While working out is important in maintaining a healthy weight and building muscle, recovery is the most important part of that process. During a workout, your muscles tear, and you need time to recover. It is during that process that muscles become stronger and bigger.

However, for that process to happen successfully, you need the right diet. Your body uses the protein and amino acids in the casein protein as fiber to repair worn-out muscles.

One of the best things about casein protein is that it helps the recovery process continue over a long time because it is a slow-release protein. That ensures that your body remains protein-positive and also that the recovery process is complete.

Promotes dental health

Just like other dairy products, casein helps improve your dental health because of the calcium, hydroxide, and phosphate content. It helps strengthen your teeth’ enamel and protects it against damage and erosion.

It also prevents the bacteria that cause tooth decay from attaching to your teeth, reducing the chances of you getting cavities.

Different ways of consumption

Casein protein powder is a versatile powder that you can consume in different ways. One of the quickest ways to consume it is to mix it with water or milk to make a shake. Alternatively, you can make muffins, cookies, and bars to snack on before bed.

You can talk to a diet expert on your casein protein powder supplement to understand more benefits that you can get from it and more ways to consume it. You also need to determine if you will get any allergic reactions from it.

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