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Canberry Reviews {2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Canberry Reviews 2020

Canberry Reviews {2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, get information about beauty products, hair accessories to house items online at reasonable prices.

Are you wishing for the latest products at a reasonable price without any difficulty in going to other items and just getting one platform for it? is the perfect place for you. Move ahead to website.

This online store has a variety of sections named Beauty Gifts, Hair Accessories, Home Gifts, and Petites. Each section has a type of item with attractive prices.

Canberry Reviews highlights that this online store is quite much in demand as it has a variety of appealing items. From every age group, there is something or the other thing for the buyers. Though it is a new site, it has been able to grab a lot of attention from its buyers.

So if you are fond of beauty, from many items like a Baby hairbrush to an Eye Soother, a Peel-off Mask to the Hair treatment Mask, it has it all!

For all the ladies, beautiful hairpins are one of the best sections here. So this site has many products you might always be wanting. This online site has also been able to receive the right audience in less time.

As per its demand for this item, this online store is quite a talk of the town in the United State. The buyers in this country are quite enthusiastic about the products.

But before getting excited about buying from this site, we would make you aware of its salient features, and thus you can find out is Canberry legit or not?

Is legit?

 In today’s scenario, there are many online sites which seem to be quite appealing in the beginning but turn out to be fraudulent later. So the buyers should thoroughly read the customer’s reviews. It also checks its specifications and all the policies before heading towards ordering any item.

What is website? website is an online store that has four sections named as beautiful gifts, hair accessories, Home Gifts, and Petites. It also has many new arrivals which are quite attractive.

 The jeans with an official price list and fashionable maxi dress are something one cannot ignore! Also, the Towels required at homes are available at a reasonable price. Each item is available at the best prices. 

Why is unique?

This site has a variety of items available. From attractive hair brushes, hair masks, skin balm to the variety of hair clips, this site is quite appealing! It has various home gifts, too, like Bailey Dish Towel, Blockprint towel, Borealis mug, etc. Additionally, in the Petites section, it has ankle jeans, maxi dresses, etc., at a low cost.

Also, the unique thing about this website is that all its products have free shipping. Additionally, its return policy is quite good as you can return your product free of cost by just emailing them on their mail id mentioned.

 Its connection with various social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, also makes this site quite demandable.

Thus we would now shed some light on its salient features, specifications, pros and cons, and reviews of the online store.

Specification of website

  • Product: beauty gifts, hair accessories, home gifts, Petites
  • Website Link:  
  • Email:
  • Shipping Fee: Free Shipping
  • Delivery Time: 7-9 days
  • Returns: Free Returns
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Stripe

Pros of buying from

  • You can order any of the desired products irrespective of variety at a genuine price.
  • The shipping and returns are free, which is quite a great deal.
  • You can use the online method of payment.
  • There are many deals and offers available.

Cons of buying from

  • It is a new website, and so makes it a little skeptical.
  • The mode of payment is online, which might not be feasible by every user.

Customer Reviews on website

As already indicated above, this site can grab a lot of attention and has many buyers. But being a new website, it has comparatively fewer reviews.

But as per the shipping, return and refund policy is concerned, the details are entirely satisfactory. It has a genuine email id too.

Final Verdict

It is a new website, but its other details like shipping policy, shipping fee, return, refunds, email id, everything is mentioned correctly.

The offers on the latest arrivals are quite catchy. It is also connected with social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. So we would recommend its customers to buy the product and share your reviews too.


  1. How can their price of the item Intex Pure Spa be so much lower than other sites. $66.82 compared with say $278.00 at Wish or $277.00 used at EBay or $300 odd dollars on Amazon. This goes for all their portable hot tubs.

    1. Don’t buy from this site !!! I was robbed I ordered a 6 person spa for 69.95 three months later got facemask!! Yes ive bern trying to get my money back .i habe all the emails back n forth I have my recite from Them and my cc recite I contacted my authorities.

      1. The same thing I got masks I emailed them and they said they was sending the hot tub. sent me a tracking # and a link. The tracker showed that it had arrived in my town and was waiting for the delivery scan the next day it said it was lost in transient and to contact sender. Now the tracking link does not work at all. I have sent 5 emails and no answer. In fact the email link they sent no longer works. Still do not have my tub or my money. I will be filing fraud charges for what good it will do. this is a china company. I will be very careful not to buy anything made or comes from that country again. From clothing to food.

  2. This is a scam site. I believe the person operating the fake site must the person to write the reviews for this site as they all say just about the same thing.
    I ordered from them trusting the reviews of this site. However, after ordering I happened upon some reviews by real people stating this site is a scam. After which, I tried to get shipping and/or tracking information. No return response. Do NOT order from this site. I had to get a refund via PayPal.

    1. This company is a scam.. do not order or do business with them. I ordered a portable sauna and they sent me facemasks!! They told me I would receive a refund but never received my refund it’s been over two months now!! Please don’t do business with these people!! I am putting them on my Instagram and Facebook and letting everyone I know to never buy anything on this website. I am reporting them to the BBB. They are a rip off company and im going to do ky best to make sure they don’t make any more money.

  3. I wondered the same! I ordered one that’s in transit now. Hopefully I get what I ordered. If not I’m only out $65 not $600!

  4. I ordered a hot tub and have a tracking number but no product. my fingers are crossed. what I thought was weird was other items on the site like sweaters or tops we’re around the same price as hot tubs.
    couldn’t find the site online this morning

    1. I finally got my order and it is a scam!!!! I got 2 facemasks instead of my hottube. I have already reported this and I would never order from them again.

      1. that happened to me too. I ordered a portable sauna and received facemasks also. And this was back in May. They told me I would get a refund and it’s been over two months now and still haven’t gotten any money from them.

  5. I ordered & received a tracking number , it’s almost been a month & I’ve e constantly emailed them $ got no response .

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