Camelback Lodge Reviews (Oct 2020) Create Memories!

Camelback Lodge Reviews 2020
Camelback Lodge Reviews (Oct 2020) Create Memories! >> This article tells you about a premium resort that you can visit with your family. Please check the details now.

If you’re planning to go on a short vacation with your family, you can visit a resort. Poconos region enjoys a lot of tourists due to its exotic mountain range. Tourists also visit Poconos for the Camelback Lodge. As many Camelback Lodge Reviews tell us, it’s a resort that offers many pleasant services.

It is among the top-rated resorts in the United States and enjoys a significant amount of popularity. If you want to know more about this resort’s facilities, we suggest you, please keep reading this article.

What is Camelback Lodge?

Camelback Lodge and Aquatonia Indoor Waterpark constitute the Poconos Resort. It is one of the most popular and highest-rated resorts in the United States. They offer many facilities like waterparks, entertainment centers, among other services

The Camelback Lodge Reviews also tell us that it’s not extremely expensive despite being a premium resort.

Facilities at Camelback Lodge

According to Camelback Lodge Reviews, several facilities are available at this resort. Some of the services and facilities are given below:

  • There are 453 guest suites available in the resort, which range from one to three bedrooms. Some rooms also contain fireplaces, kitchen, and lofts.
  • An indoor waterpark is also present in this luxurious resort, where many water slides and rides are available.
  • A spa is also available in the resort where guests can enjoy massages, facials, and other services.
  • A shopping mall is also present where all items, from daily use to clothing, are available.
  • There are many dining lounges in the resort, and families can enjoy their meals in it.
  • There’s also a meeting and event space, where different activities take place. The resort claims to make it one of your most memorable experiences.
  • An enormous entertainment center ranging in 170,000 square feet of area is also present where the entire family can have adventures.
  • An outdoor waterpark is present in the resort where several rides are available like the mountain coaster, rope course, etc.
  • You can also visit the nearby Poconos mountains.

Customer Reviews

To determine the experience of guests who stayed at this resort, we looked at many Camelback Lodge Reviews. In our research, we found the customer response to be positive, with some negative comments. Users were impressed with the vast number of facilities available at the resort, including the entertainment center and waterparks. 

Some users complained of poor customer service and claimed that the rooms were small and cramped. 

Final Verdict

Going on a vacation with your family allows you to take some time off your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your family. If you’re planning on going to Poconos, you can consider staying at the Camelback Lodge. 

Some Camelback Lodge Reviews tell us that there are many top-notch facilities available at this resort to keep you entertained throughout your stay and ensure that your family has a good time. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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