Bux vs Plus500 [Dec 2020] – The Detailed Analysis!

Bux vs Plus500
Bux vs Plus500 [Dec 2020] – The Detailed Analysis! >> The post shares a detailed comparison of two popular trading platforms to help traders make the right choice.     

CFDs or Contract for Difference is becoming the popular investment option for people. The CFDs are the financial instrument where two parties agree upon a difference in value for an underlying item. There are multiple trading platforms to trade on CFDs, but we will learn the difference between Bux vs plus500 in this post. 

BUX and Plus500 have no difference as they both are trading and investing applications used by traders Worldwide. BUX is the Dutch CFD platform where traders can invest and trade of the global stock exchanges. It also allows trading on Crypto. Trading is entirely based on mobile applications, and you will not find any variant of the app as a laptop or desktop version.   

Plus500, on the other hand, is the advanced CFD trading platform and top-rated CFD broker in the United Kingdom. The platform allows trading on CFDs, including Crypto and ETFs. The trading is based on mobile applications and desktop browsers, and it offers an intuitive user interface to make trading easy and efficient. 

Bux vs plus500: A Comaprison

Below is the helpful comparison table of both that lets you know the difference.

BUX Plus500
Social trading and investing application Innovative CFDs trading platform
A CFD provider allows trading in global stock exchanges and Crypto. Allows training in leveraged CFDs including Crypto and ETFs
Only mobile version available Both the mobile version and desktop version available
Comparatively, a new player in the CFD market Free real-time charts and live streaming quotes available
Offers a detailed and dynamic trading environment Cash-out the funds into account via bank transfer and credit card
Crypto, Forex, CFD, and Stock trading Multiple language support
A Dutch CFD trading application Top-rated trading platform in the UK

Bux vs plus500 – Which is Better to Use for Trading?

Plus500 is a web trader designed with an intuitive interface that makes trading comparatively easier than BUX. On the other hand, Bux is a mobile-only application that allows trading through its mobile application. You won’t find any desktop vision of BUX. So, in this case, Plus500 wins and succeeds BUX in the comparison. 

Plus500 offers the traders a single trading window from where they can trade in multiple markets. It boosts trading abilities because it is equipped with different tech analysis tools and real-time price feeds. It is something lacking in the mobile version of BUX. So, again, Plus500 excels in this scenario of Bux vs plus500 comparison.

Plus500 is available as web-based and mobile applications compatible with Android, iOs, and Windows, whereas BUX is only available as a mobile application. However, both the platforms are available to traders Worldwide. Plus500 has been in the trading business for over a decade and BUX is comparatively new as it was first launched in 2014, and it lacks in the experience that Plus500 comprises in CFD trading.

So, after comparing all these facts, we have noticed that both trading platforms have pros & cons, and it completely depends on your personal choice which one to choose.


Bux vs plus500 comparison ends with some major points to mention. Since Plus500 is comparatively old than BUX, it has more experience and expertise in the market. But, it doesn’t mean that BUX doesn’t worth your attention. It is also the best trading application if you want the trading application for mobile. 

If you have anything to add about the trading platforms, please write it down in the comments section below. 

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