Buddha Power Store Scam {Oct 2020} Check The Reviews!

Buddha Power Store Scam 2020

Buddha Power Store Scam {Oct 2020} Check The Reviews! >> This article is related to the website that provides wealth and positivity bracelets and finds out whether it is a scam.

Buddha Power Store Review: Are you fond of feng shui inspired jewelry? Do you want some bracelets and necklaces online? Then, you are at the right web page to discuss the website that is proffering such products at a reasonable price. 

Online shopping is increasing day by day as people find it easy to order things over the internet rather than buying it offline. Folks are busy in their daily lives, and it is easy to get the desired products at a very affordable cost. World Delivery is another thing that makes it more attractive as it covers the United States

Conversely, not all shopping websites are good at providing products as some are scams. They believe in luring the customers by showcasing some attractive products, and when it comes to delivering quality products, they deny all policies as promised. So, let us find out whether Buddha Power Store Scam or not.

Let us have a look at the review. 

Buddha Power Store Scam or not?

First of all, the website runs smoothly, and it has no various life positivity products available. But the site is not legit as the traffic is low, reviews are too bad, no social media account, and one online payment mode is available. Hence we can say that this website is a scam. Therefore, it solves – Is Buddha Power Store Scam?

What is Buddhapowerstore.com? 

It is an online shopping store that is proffering wealth, positivity, and protection bracelets, and necklaces that are available at a pocket-friendly cost. The quality of these products is remarkable, and they all are available across all the corners of the planet. 

Do you want to know more about the products and the site? Then, head to the Buddha Power Store Review.

What details are given on the Buddhapowerstore.com? 

  • The URL of this shopping site is https://www.buddhapowerstore.com.
  • A wide range of products are available for wealth and protection such as Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth, Feng Shui Black Wealth, Citrine The God of Wealth Bracelet, and so on. 
  • An online mode of payment is available, which is PayPal. 
  • You will get up to a 50% discount on these products. 
  • Different currency options are available on the website, such as USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, etc. 
  • The site has shipping charges of $4.99 within the US and $9.99 across the world.
  • Free shipping available worldwide over the order of $60. 
  • You can contact the website through the email address, which is support@buddhapowerstore.com.
  • The office address of this store is 2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2, Newark, DE, 19702.
  • The contact number available is (833) 928-3342.
  • This site has a 30-day return policy after the product has received by the customers. 
  • An order tracking facility is available on the website. 
  • Their working hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 7 pm. 
  • The website is using the Shopify platform.
  • It has a newsletter section, and you can get regular updates if you subscribe.
  • There is no need to worry about security as the site has the presence of HTTPS Protocol and SLL Integartion. 

What are the positive aspects of purchasing from Buddhapowerstore.com?

  • Easy to access and buy
  • The user interface is fantastic.
  • The pricing policies are too good and affordable too. 
  • Products are optimum quality and available across the world wraps the regions of the United States
  • They have return and exchange policies for dissatisfied customers.
  • The products are suitable for acquiring wealth, protection, and positivity in life. 

What are the negative sides of purchasing from Buddhapowerstore.com?

  • No social media pages appeared on the website. 
  • A single mode of payment is available for online payments. 
  • Product reviews are negative. 

What do shoppers think about the Buddhapowerstore.com?

Buddha Power Store Review and ratings are available on the shopping site, and they all are positive. On the flip side, we found a lot of negative reviews about the products and services. The customers reviewed that they ordered but did not receive anything from the months.  

Final Thought 

After getting into the Buddha Power Store Review, the site is easy to access and use. But it has no negative aspects that indicate it is not legit. So, we consider this site a scam. It is highly advisable to stay away from such sites. 

Mention all doubts and queries in the comment section below. We are happy to help you!!

0 thoughts on “Buddha Power Store Scam {Oct 2020} Check The Reviews!

  1. I ordered 2 bracelets and received 4. I checked my account and was only charged for 2. I have no problems with this company and will order more in the future. Wether they work or not they are pretty and make great gifts.

  2. I was suspicious as there tracking site really didn’t give a USPS tracking number BUT I got my bracelet when they said I would, it was well boxed and of good quality so I am very satisfied with them. As another note, a business does NOT need a social media site to be legit and a single payment method of PAYPAL is not an indication of a scam, quite the opposite.

  3. Today, I found buddhapowerstore on YouTube. They created a powerful infomercial which convinced me to try one of their products at $50- off for the price of $19.95+ shipping. Their website stated that shipping was $4.99 for the USA, so I ordered the bracelet through PayPal. I was actually charged $43. 95 for the product, more than expected. Then, I created an account t to track the shipping of my product. I received a message in my account from the company stating that I had been given 25 energy points for my purchase. A short time later, I received a second e-mail message stating that I had received 44 energy points for my recent purchase. Did someone buy something else using my information? So far, only one charge has shown-up on the cards I used, but I will check PayPal again. Note that when you create an account, there doesn’t seem to be a log-in or log-out button on the site. I haven’t found either yet.

  4. They are playing with innocent people’s minds.They target most desperate people like you and I, and even sell their trash. I accidentally ordered as well. Right away my brother told me about this company. After I sent the email to cancel the order. I was told the order was shipped. Even though on website still shows processing. Right away, I received 2-3 emails “Thank for your order.” One email was with the tracking number. It was that quick within a same day from ordering to shipping. For return, they want you to ship to China, not the Delaware location.

    1. I ordered on Aug 6th and received my bracelets on Aug 23rd with only one complaint. One of the bracelets elastic was coming apart. But I would not put them in the category of a scam site. I ordered and received everything I ordered and the bracelets are heavy in weight and looks absolutely beautiful. Doesn’t look cheaply made and I would order from them again.

    2. The same thing happened to me when you sign up with your email they give you points and you get points for your purchase

  5. Buddha Power Store Scam
    I would not trust this site at all. I ordered some bracelets and never received them.
    I truly believe it’s a scam!!
    Do not buy from them. The UPS tracking # always says it

  6. I have never posted a response on any public forum, but feel I should here, because, agreeing with Bridget, I don’t see a scam.

    I placed an order, and received it far sooner than I expected. The bracelet is lovely, and the box it arrived in is perfect for gifting. I ordered 2, because I have a friend who will also love the design.

    Many sites exist that state their products will bring health, wealth, happiness, or any number of positive things into someone’s life. That’s called “marketing.”

    I’ve ordered another piece, and expect it will be as lovely as the bracelet I received.

    I see no scam here. Just lovely jewelry at a good price.

    1. I truly don’t believe this is a scam. I ordered two bracelets and received a third one for a Thank you. They are absolutely beautiful. They are made extremely great and they are heavy too. Each one of my bracelets were packaged individually in a box with a velvet
      pouch. I received my packages in 8 days in perfect condition. No I do not work for this company at all. I just love them.

  7. Oh Bridget, you must be working for them/related to them to be the only one not being scammed! Lucky you!

    I did order, April 2 this year. Still waiting. Tracking method, never an update. I ordered outside of US and find that the product was coming via China Post!!! Total garbage! I’ve asked for a refund and interestingly I received one that was Australian $42.57 short of what I was charged. Any money spent with 0 return is totally unacceptable so I will fight for it; I’d rather give to a real person in need.

    this is what they really good at…… continual advertising material about their products; which has this note on it.

    “We continue to deliver positive, uplifting products to our community to spread the message of love and peace to everyone around them”. Really, their version I can do without; and they really need to stop kidding themselves as they wouldn’t know ‘positive, uplifting, love and peace’ if it hit them in the face.

    I’m going to the authorities and social media and making sure that as many people in Australia as possible, know about them so they can put their good hard earned money to better use. What a disgrace!

    1. I received my bracelets yesterday I only ordered two and received four plus I bought a black bracket Came in a very nice black box that says do Buddha power with a very nice note attached to the inside of the box. I’m impressed! I don’t work for them I live in Michigan. I would love to send a picture but I don’t see how I can on this site.??‍♀️

  8. I have placed 2 orders with this company. I received both orders. I had no problem with them. They are legit.

  9. I ordered in june it’s now september4th2020. Customer service keeps sending form letters! Can’t get a refund! This is THEFT BY DECEPTION, ON A GRAND SCALE! THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!!@#$%&^?!

  10. Oh my God…..the same identical story with mine..
    This is scary..
    I canceled already my credit card because they charged my for 2 orders that I never placed..
    God bless, and stay safe

  11. I got my order, the only issue was how long it took. Expect to wait for a while. but once received them they looked of good quality and I love them. Was going to give 2 out as a gift but not sure now lol. I more believe it makes me believe and concentrate on what I want by consistently touching it and thinking about it. As a man thin-kith so shall it be , anything else to me is extra.

    1. I also have been having issues. 3 months and still not here. I live in CANADA. And the tracking number they gave me. Says it was delivered in SOMERSET Massachusetts. USA . I called that post office. The man says, its not in their computer. None delivered.

  12. ive ordered two bracelets and have not recieved them been waiting quite a while for them to arrive in the uk! contacted budhha first they said they had no record of my tracking number they give me and then a second email says that they have shipped them with Hermes couriers?? Beware of this Buddha power store as its probably a scam!!

  13. I ordered 2 bracelets and i never received them. I try to cancel the order but it was too late.
    They stole my money.
    Don’t order from them.

  14. I received three bracelets still waiting on a necklace and two books I haven’t yet reviewed. I had ordered it all on the same day and spoke to one of them,I was told that they would send it all on the same day. I was also told that the first order I placed was not received so I placed it again and asked that if there were two orders that they canceled the first order and later they tell me they have shipped it and I would have to return it once I got. I did receive the bracelets they’re great quality they are beautiful and nicely packed and I got them within one week I got them today but I did not receive all the order yet, still waiting.
    I pray I get it all ,I guess no point on sending any of it back if I’m not get a refund or a partial refund. I wish I would have came here first with my luck I probably won’t get it all, or maybe I should wear the bracelet to give me luck on receiving it. Lol
    thank you all for your input. Pray for me. Lol

  15. Scam company. Ordered a bracelet and they put the wrong address. Was sent back to them and now they want me to pay 30% of the cost plus shipping charges. I have seen hundreds of bad reviews after I made my purchase. This company is deceitful, dishonest and just plain sleazy. They probably pay people for good reviews or have their own employees write them.

  16. I ordered from the site and I love my items I purchased and they kept in contact with me through email and responded to every question I asked right away. I had no issues and will be ordering from the site again.

  17. I received my order and the bracelet is beautiful. No problems at all. Now ordered a second bracelet as a gift for a friend. They are not scam. Very happy with the quality. And no, I am not related to them. Just a happy costumer.

  18. I ordered the black obsidian bracelet. 5 minutes after I placed my order, I saw on a site that people with my birth sign (Taurus) shouldn’t use these, as they can attract negative energy & bad luck. I immediately emailed them to cancel the order, was told it was too late to cancel, order had already been processed and shipped. Took over 6 weeks to get the bracelet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?? I have not and will not even open the package. Can’t get in touch with anyone to return this junk. Use extreme caution if you are considering doing business with this company. Their business practices are less than ethical. I hope karma bites them right in the a**!!!

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