Bstkole com Reviews {April 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam?

Bstkole com Reviews 2021

Bstkole com Reviews {April 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam? >> Are you looking for an unrealistic pet toy? Read this article to know & find legitimacy of website.

Have you heard about the website that offers a realistic pet toy? If not, then you should read Bstkole com Reviews for more information!

Having a pet is the best part of life; pets don’t talk, but they express their love in every possible way they can. But the most heartbreaking part is when they pass away. As we know, the life of an animal is not as long a human.

So if you are looking for an alternative, you can always opt for a realistic pet, confirmed that they don’t give the same feel, but their presence gives a different vibe.

Online consumers from the United States are curious to know more about the website.

If you have a question like Is Bstkole com Legit, then we suggest you read this article till the end. 

About the website

A pet can be the most cherish and loved thing about an individual’s life, but their passing can be very hurting. Hence many people have stopped keeping a pet as the loss is too hard to bear.

There is a website that offers real pets such as teddy dogs and husky dogs for these kinds of people. The pictures displayed on the website make the pet toy look so real that it gets hard to identify whether it’s a natural pet or not.

The pictures and description seem too good to be accurate; hence, Bstkole com Reviews proper research is conducted for our readers to identify the legitimacy.

Let us head into the details of the website.

Some details about the website

  • The website URL is
  • The website deals in products like realistic pets, cat hamburger beds, costumes for cats and dogs.
  • The website’s email for attending all customer quires; is
  • Shopify powers the website’s platform.
  • Domain creation date is 9/12/2020
  • The website has mentioned a 45 days return policy for all purchases.
  • The website’s shipping policy depends upon the type of shipping, and the product, mostly the shipping is between 1 to 4 weeks.
  • No transparent policy is disclosed with regards to the tracking of the order.
  • As per Bstkole com Reviews, the website offers free shipping on orders over $40.
  • The website accepts payment modes like PayPal, also includes debit and credit cards.

Pros of the website

  • The website offers various discounts on all the products.
  • The products offered by the website are unique and attractive.

Cons of the website

  • The content used by the website is copied.
  • The discounts provided by the website are unrealistic.
  • The website is newly launched and has no legit reviews.
  • There is no option or a section for customer reviews.
  • The website policies are very suspicious.

Is Bstkole com Legit?

It is mandatory to check the platform’s legitimacy before conducting any purchases. Many new platforms are being launched in the market which offers some fantastic and unrealistic products.

It is fascinating, like the website we are discussing, that offers some unrealistic pet that functions like a real pet. As per our research, the website comes out as suspicious due to many loopholes in the policies. The website has also provided no adequate contact information and no to minimal proof of the website being legit.

Hence we claim this website as unsafe and suspicious to conduct any purchase. 

What are customers’ Bstkole com Reviews?

Knowing the reviews of a website are very important, as per our research we have not found much good reviews about the website and their products, but there is one comment review at one of the You Tube video, which is negative. The website, at first sight, looks suspicious due to the copied content.

The website is new and young and hence it cannot be trusted as it has a shallow trust score. We suggest our readers’ not waste time on such websites. Now let us head over to the conclusion.


In conclusion, we can mention that the website cannot be trusted, and conducting any purchase from this website can be considered risky.

In Bstkole com Reviews, we have seen the risk factors; hence as a smart consumer from the United States will avoid such websites. The website did not meet our legitimacy checkpoint, and also, there are no customer reviews to determine the effectiveness of the products.

Therefore, we suggest that our readers not opt for this website as the website is very suspicious due to no customer reviews.

What do you think about websites that offer such unrealistic products? Mention your thoughts in the comment section.

12 thoughts on “Bstkole com Reviews {April 2021} Is It Legit Or Scam?

    1. This is a scam I ordered one of your dog’s the wolf one or the Husky and you sent me a stuffed animal it doesn’t work it doesn’t have any movement it does nothing I am so disappointed and upset can’t believe you sent me a little $10 stuffed toy

  1. Facebook should not be giving these bogus sites any adverting space. Facebook make money, vendor sends cheap item, and we the consumer lose.

  2. what you get is definitely a toy and not realistic at all. something like you would buy for a child.

  3. This is fake. I got 2,of these and they are like a stuffed animal. They do nothing. So I am sitting here with 2 of them and paid for. Total rip off
    Sincerely Teresa Haga-Golaszewski
    4914 S Dunkirk Way Centennial CO 80015
    If you want to make this right contact me but I doubt you will

  4. This is a scam! I ordered it and received a hard, plastic barking dog. When I called and complained they offered me a 10% refund of the 29.99 i paid. The dog was shipped from Santa Fe Springs, CA…not international! Don’t buy.

  5. I ordered 2 husky dogs and they are nothing like the advertisement shows. This site should be kicked off of Facebook. The advertisement is false.

  6. I ordered the husky and after reading reviews I’m mad haven’t received it yet I want my money back

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