Bona Fide Masks Reviews {Feb 2021} Find Legitimacy

Bona Fide Masks Reviews 2021

Bona Fide Masks Reviews {Feb 2021} Find Legitimacy -> Are all Face mask store supplies effective mask which are safe and prevents against catching covid19? Read here to get the details.

Well, let’s talk about Bona Fide Masks Reviews in our content today. 

The Bona Fide face mask are made for the United States citizens as the country experienced increase in covid19 strain. So the mask developers tried to offer people an effective mask from an online store named

These masks are available only through the site, and the company distribution and warehousing are operated in New York. Let’s further explore the webshop and see if they sell quality Masks or not, which keeps us safe from coronavirus. 

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What Is Bona Fide Mask?

Let’s get into the fine points of and talk about Is Bona Fide Masks Legit. is a versatile online store and the largest distributor of masks in Canada and the United States. Bona Fide face masks distribute KN95 Powecom face masks to people around there.

The website domain age is three hundred and nineteen days and is about to complete one year in the coming months on an ecommerce site.

You can buy a KN95 mask, Face shields, touch thermometer, UV sanitizing wand from It has its warehouses located in New York, where this mask gets manufactured. The website states that they import all east of five to one million masks per week and deliver it to health care facilities and medical stores in New York.

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Specifications Of Bona Fide Mask:

  • Website type: Online store supplying KN95 face mask and face shield around New York 
  • Website Name: 
  • Contact Number: 914-664-7500
  • Store Address: 714 S. Fulton Ave. Mount Vernon, New York 10550
  • Payment mode: American Express, DISCOVER, MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, and Google Pay
  • Cancelation policy: Orders cannot be canceled once placed 
  • Return policy: products cannot be returned once you have received them.
  • Exchange policy: no Exchange 
  • Email address of the website: 

Pros Of Bona Fide Mask:

  • Bona Fide Masks Reviews are available on Facebook.
  • The web store seems to be a versatile one as they distribute the masks whole around New York hospitals and health care places.
  • You can buy a KN95 mask, face shield, thermometer, and other products easily from here.
  • The web page has completed its six months at e-commerce platform 
  • You can purchase PPE apparel from here.

Cons Of Bona Fide Mask:

  • Once you make an order, you cannot cancel it.
  • The return and exchange system is not applicable here, so you can’t return your purchase 
  • The website has itself stated that they don’t guarantee that the product is effective and provide protection against covid19.

Is Bona Fide Masks Legit?

Bona Fide Mask com website is the largest supplier of the mask to the health care facilities and hospitals present around New York City. 

Though the site claims to be the largest online distributor of the mask and PPE apparel to people around the specific area, they also have disclosed that they don’t guarantee that the mask is safe for the prevention of covid19. 

Further, the site does not allow customers to cancel their purchases once they have made an order. Also, you cannot return any product once you have purchased it. So this may create an issue among people who want to cancel or return the product.

Though the website has got many satisfied customers’ feedback, some buyers had criticized the website services. So in this situation, it’s not at all safe to comment about the web store’s legitimacy.

What Are People Thoughts On Bona Fide Masks Reviews?

Bona fide mask webshop has undoubtedly got many of the responses from buyers present around the NY and US, but those responses are negative as well as positive.

As the website doesn’t allow customers to cancel and return the orders, so buyers have complained that website services are not appropriate.

But it had got positive responses too, and people had recommended that it’s worth purchasing a mask from 


Our final verdict is based on all the facts that we read above about Bona Fide Masks Reviews. We have presented you with all the best possible answers and factual information about the web store. Now it’s upto you can place an order if you think this webshop worthy. But we again remind the readers that webshop doesn’t allow you to return or cancel your purchase.

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One thought on “Bona Fide Masks Reviews {Feb 2021} Find Legitimacy

  1. I bought Powecom KN95 masks from Bonafide. I normally purchase these masks from another site, but they were sold out, which led me to Bonafide. First, the masks that I received from Bonafide are not 5-ply masks that would constitute it being a KN95. The Bonafide masks were very thin when compared to other Powecom masks that were verified. So I decided to verify the masks from Bonafide on the Powecom website, and the masks were fake! Since I have been buying Powecom masks for about six months, I know to go on the Powecome official website to verify instead of using the QR code. The Bonafide masks’ QR Code takes you to a weird website that says verified, but again, that same code cannot be verified at Powecome’s official website. Please beware of this! You will not be fully protected by the Bonafide masks. I have an OSHA certificate in General Industry so I know how to test masks for safety. I am also a Professor of Occupational Health at an accredited University.

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