Blue Jade Fortnite (Feb 2021) Get The Details Here!

Blue Jade Fortnite 2021

Blue Jade Fortnite (Feb 2021) Get The Details Here! -> Are you a Fortnite player? Have you bought a new theme for your characters? You can read all the details concerning the new theme in FORTNITE game in the article!

Blue Jade Fortnite: Are you a fanatic gamer of Fortnite Royale? Did you use the Jade Character in the game? Fortnite game, particularly the BATTLE ROYALE, is most preferred by worldwide gamers. It is different because the characters and game story are unique from other gaming worlds. If you wish to know about the new character’s theme addition, you have to peruse our article until the end. 

Since the new theme is launched by the developers, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canadian players are excited to use it. The theme is based on a blue shade that transforms your character’s skin from red to blue. Does it change the superpowers and abilities of the characters? Kindly continue perusing the post to know all the essential details!

What is Blue Jade Fortnite?

The new theme is launched in FORTNITE ROYALE BATTLE game for players to purchase and use. Earlier, the developers launched a red theme that was sold at 800 bucks. We have not found the in-game price of the new blue theme; therefore, it can range from 800-1500 bucks. As you already know, the in-game currency is expensive the real cash or money. 

In this manner, you need to have sufficient in-game currency to purchase the blue theme. Currently, you can solely use the theme of character- JADE. It is easy to apply- you only need to tap on the newly added theme. 

Does it change the character’s abilities?

When new themes come in any game, they never have any authority to increase or decrease the character’s abilities. The same applies to Blue Jade Fortnite theme. When the FORTNITE developers released red theme and Jade character, you purchased them at 800 in-game cash. In this way, you got an avatar and beautiful theme. 

Similarly, the new theme only changes your JADE character’s outlook instead of modifying the character’s ability. 

How much will it cost?

As mentioned previously, we could not find the actual price of the new theme. Since it is available for players from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the final pricing is not revealed. According to the old red theme pricing, the blue one will cost around 800-1500 V bucks.

How are the users reacting?

You can find numerous images for Blue Jade Fortnite on Google Search Engine. The photos showcase the FORTNITE ROYALE BATTLE characters in blue and mesmerizing outfits. Many game streamers and YouTubers have already posted their gameplay videos for you to watch and enjoy. 

Our Final Thoughts:

Games feel dull when the developers do not update characters, themes, and missions. Therefore, famous games’ designers are often updating and creating new characters, accessories, outfits, etc., to keep you entertained. Have you used Blue Jade Fortnite? Please share your experience with us!

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