Roblox {March 2021} Free Robux-Did You Try! Roblox 2021 Roblox {March 2021} Free Robux-Did You Try! >> A digital platform approaches gamers Robux without any charges. Is this site authentic? Verify by reading this blog.

Do you find Roblox is an attractive multiplayer game? With the increasing popularity of Roblox Worldwide, Robux generating online tools are also getting the limelight. 

We know you are excited to get information about Robux earning channel; for you, we will explore a free Roblox-earning site- Roblox.

But first of all, did you check about its authenticity? If no, then please read this blog before browsing the unknown portal.

What is the Blox Supply portal?

Blox supply is an online game currency generating platform that only claims to provide Roblox in-game currency- Robux.

Why Roblox players are required Robux?

Ganers obtain the gears for giving their favorite animated character a new Avatar with powerful equipment so that gamers can efficiently finish the challenging mission and go to the next level. However, this in-game currency required real money to obtain.

What does Roblox offer?

If you are a Roblox player, you must know R-bucks needed to be purchased with real money, but this portal claims to be a free Robux generating platform.

What are the processes of earning?

Before going to process, you should know that, instead of landing Blox supply page, the site’s URL will land you to the blox land platform. Let’s check the procedure-

  • First, create an account in Blox land with a valid Email ID and password.
  • Complete all the tasks like watching short videos, downloading some applications, commenting on them, etc.
  • Once you completed it, you will get Robux.

Is the platform legit?

As we have seen, each Robux generating site seems suspicious; it is required to check Roblox authenticity too.

The Blox supply’s domain has started operation on 14th March 2021, i.e., from yesterday. Unfortunately, this site does not have any reviews from players. Plus, the trust index score is 1% only.

If we talk about the redirecting site, blox land, it came into operation two years before on 29th May 2018. It possesses a trust score of over 90%, which is good. But, we have found mixed reviews from players.

Hence, blox supply is a new site and does not carry any accurate information that proves its authenticity. Besides, blox land also seems suspicious because of negative reviews.

Players’ comments on Roblox:

Blox supply has not yet eared gamers reviews; however, blox land has mixed ratings and remarks from Worldwide.

On Trustpilot, it has got 3.5 stars, where some said the platform is genuine, and some commented it as a scam site as they did not receive a single Robux after following the steps.

The bottom line:

Both the sites are third-party platforms with no affiliation with Roblox Corporation. Plus, the mixed reviews is another concerning part- so we suggest our daily viewers find a legit way to get Robux.

Have you received Robux from Roblox? Please share your experience so that people can understand it better.

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  1. i am the maker of and yes i did make it a scam and i made the bots lol and i will not stop the scam ha ha

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