Website {March} Did You Try To Get Free Robux? Website 2021 Website {March} Did You Try To Get Free Robux? >> Find the details about a website scamming people in the name of free Robux in this unbiased article.

While playing your favorite game on Roblox, are you getting messages of a link that claims to provide free Robux? Website must be what you are looking for, right? 

To earn free Robux frequently, players from the United States and other countries tend to fell into the trap of fraud websites. So, please read this article to know all about it. 

What is Robux? 

To make your avatar look more alluring and powerful, we need accessories like hats, gears, body parts, clothes, etc., and Robux is the currency through which you can buy them. 

Before 2016, there were two virtual currencies; Tickets and Robux. But later, Tickets got removed. Now let’s check out the website selling free Robux. 

What is Website?

Blox. Pink is another website that gets redirected to It is a famous platform where players get free Robux. The link of this site pops up on the screen whenever you play any game on Roblox. 

In that message, two random users are glad to come across it as they earned a good amount of free Robux from there. About, it was created on 29-05-2018, which means it has been there for over two years now.

What’s the process to get free Robux from Website?

Follow the easy steps below to get what you want: 

  • Click on the link or pop up, which will redirect you to 
  • Now click on the “Earn” button to create an account.
  • A page will appear. You have three options to sign up; via Roblox username, Gmail, or new username and password. 
  • After creating an account, you will see a page with various offers, social rewards, and freebies. 
  • You can extract your winning amount by clicking on the “Withdraw” button
  • You can also access promocodes, giveaways, and competitions on the “more” option. 

Is this Website safe for browsing?

 As we already told you earlier, Website was redirecting to, and many other URLs work the same way. However, it is no more opening up to it now.

So, let’s talk about the other safety of the Website. Going with players’ reviews, it has received an average rating on Trustpilot. 

Most of the players from the United States are complaining about not being able to withdraw their Robux. They are calling it a scam. 

Final Verdict 

It was clear from the beginning by the Roblox Corporation that you can only get Robux by spending real money, and they are not associated with such third-party platforms.  

Moreover, you cannot trust an online site like Websitewhich was only redirecting to till 13th March. 

Lastly, we advise our readers to avoid such practices as it can lead to Roblox blocking your account. 

Did this pop-up come to your screen? Please share your experience with us by writing in the comment box. 


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