Blox.Pink Free Robux (March 2021) Read About The Site!


Blox.Pink Free Robux (March 2021) Read About The Site! >> The post shares details about the new Robux generator tool, see if it is a scam site or legit.

Roblox is the virtual multimedia gaming platform with various Roblox games, each with millions of players and unique themes. Blox.Pink Free Robux is the new term circulating online as the website Blox.Pink claims to offer free rewards in the form of Robux to the visitors.  

The website claims to offer free Robux to the users of the website after completing specific assigned tasks. However, when the visitors attempt to visit the website, they get redirected to, an online Robux generator tool. 

Players from the United States, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom wonder if the website is legit to generate free Robux. 

What is Blox.Pink Free Robux?

Blox.Pink is the online Robux generator website or tool that lets the players generate free Robux and get rewards for completing assigned tasks. The website claims to offer the players rewards as free Robux, the Roblox platform’s in-game currency.

It is important to note that when users attempt to visit the website, they get redirected to another website,, where they have to take on an online survey and complete assigned tasks to earn the rewards. 

So, users must stay attentive when using the portal as it gets redirected to another site. Hence, Blox.Pink Free Robux seems suspicious and possibly a scam.      

How to Get Free Robux from Blox.Pink?

It is mentioned earlier that when users try to visit the website, they get redirected to the website, and hence users have to follow steps as mentioned on the to generate free Robux. 

  • Users have to visit the website 
  • Take on online surveys or complete offers on the offerwalls 
  • After completing the offers, the users get rewards as free Robux
  • The rewards you earn by completing the tasks are withdrawn as Robux into the Roblox account  

These are the steps to get Blox.Pink Free Robux online from the website. 

Is Blox.Pink Legit Portal to Use?

After evaluating the website, we have noticed that users usually get redirected to another portal when attempting to visit Besides, there are no confirmations on whether the site offers rewards and free Robux or not. It is only the website that claims to offer rewards, but there is no evidence to support the portal’s claims.

Nothing comes for free, and the website claims to offer free Robux. Besides, users have to take on surveys and other tasks online to earn the rewards. It may inject viruses or malware to your system as the portal is not directly associated with the game server.

So, Blox.Pink Free Robux is suspicious and possibly a scam. Users must stay alert when using the portal for Robux generation as it may lead to a game ID ban when used excessively. 


Blox.Pink is the online Robux generator tool or portal claiming to help Roblox account holders to generate free Robux for their account. However, there is no proof to support such claims. The portal redirects the visitors to, which is a different portal and not linked to the game server. 

After evaluation, we conclude that the portal is suspicious, and players stay away from such scam portals. 

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  1. I need rubux for my game cause my friend is poor a little on there so ya by thank u for making this app

  2. I really do want free robux! I can’t use real money from my father or mother. Thats why I want free robux from here and enjoy it!

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