Blox.Dog Free Roblox (March 2021) Is It Truth Or Trap?


Blox.Dog Free Roblox (March 2021) Is It Truth Or Trap? >> Are you looking for ways to generate free Robux? Must read this post to know how trustworthy these free sites are.

Are you still unaware of the popularity of Roblox? Do you know some Robux generator websites claims to offer you Robux free of cost? Have you ever come across such websites? Well, Roblox has won millions of heart in a short period, and this is the reason why websites like Free Roblox came into existence. 

But it is important to find out if these websites are authentic or simply a fraud. Let’s find out some important detail about this generating website to help people worldwide know about its legitimacy. 

What is is all about? 

As the website gained popularity, we tried to open it and analyse it to find out all truth about it. Simultaneously, we were amazed to see that instead of landing on, the website redirected to 

Although the redirecting site is also offering Robux free of cost, we were interested in finding out information on Free Roblox.

What is the redirecting site all about? is an amazing Robux generator website that claims to offer you Robux free of cost. The website will ask you to enter a username to move further. 

Once you enter any name randomly, the website will accept it, and you will be then asked to complete some survey. This generator site can also ask you to download some applications on your mobile phone. 

Finally, what we found on this website was that earning Robux for free is not true. 

Is Free Roblox Legit? 

Some of the legitimacy checkpoints we collected for this website are:

  • According to the information gathered, this website is registered on the 24th of March 2021, but the redirecting site was established two years back. 
  • Talking about its trust score, on some reliable sites, has received a 1% score. 
  • Some videos are claiming that the website is a scam. 
  • We also received many negative reviews for the site. 

Can we earn Robux for free? 

Robux is a digital currency used by Roblox players to earn some extra privileges. Free Roblox is nothing but a trap because Robux is not available to free of cost as per our research as no lunches are free in this world. Also, the only trusted place from where you should buy Robux is the official website itself. 

Final Verdict Robux generator website gets redirected on, which is an old website. But after fulfilling the fundamental requirement the Robux generator asks for, you will only be pissed off and annoyed because you get nothing in return. 

We don’t suggest you believe in Free Roblox generator site. You can instead look for the official website to buy Robux. 

What are your reviews for Robux generator websites? Do you think they are reliable? Please share your reviews in the comment section. 

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