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Blackdoo com Reviews [June] Read It Before Order!

Blackdoo com Reviews

Blackdoo com Reviews [June] Read It Before Order! -> The website provides different types of butt lifters, waist trainers, and other sporty apparel for the women and some accessories.

Blackdoo com Reviews are not much online! Stay with our page till the end and read all for a peep into the reality of this website.The website offers a fantastic collection of shape wears, leggings, butt lifters, waist trainers, and other apparels for the women.

This website appears to be newly established and lacks a little clarity over shipping and returns.

The website is based in the United State. Hence, we believe shipping in the region atleast might be quicker and more comfortable.

What is the Blackdoo com?

This website provides a collection of shapewear for women. It includes several waist trainers, butt lifters, leggings, and other apparels and accessories

The collection seems trendy and decently priced; however, it does not provide a size selection option while adding the product in the cart. That thing makes the site just unreliable because it even does not accepts returns for all of its products.

It is an essential thing for any apparel site to provide the size selection option with detailed size guidelines. It seems to be completely missing from the entire site. Although the other setup of the website looks well designed and equipped.

Precise specifications in detail about Blackdoo com:

  • Website- It provides butt lifters, waist trainers, other sporty apparel like leggings, shapewear for the women and some accessories.
  • Shipping charge- It provides delivery of the products within 1-5 days. No shipping charge details for any region are displayed anywhere.
  • Return- It accepts returns of selected products within ten days of delivery. With all tags intact and unused condition; however, none of the shipping charges gets refunded. 
  • Contact details-
  • Virginia Bown
  •  513 W Main St, Long Grove, IA 52756
  •  United States
  •  Email:
  •  Phone- (717) 659-9552 
  • Payment- It accepts payments via secure gateways like PayPal. 

Does Blackdoo com possess any pros for shopping?

  • The online site provides products which appear to be of good quality with a decent price range.
  • The collection of shapewear looks amazing.
  • It accepts returns for waist trainers and jeans.
  • It looks like a well-organised site and provides an easy shopping experience.

Does Blackdoo com possess any cons for shopping?

  • The website lacks any COD option for payment post-delivery of the products.
  • The website seems to be new and does not have any reviews online that makes it hard to decide to shop or not.
  • It does not accept returns for all of its products.
  • It lacks a sizing guide to help the consumers select the right item with size.
  • If any product is returned original and return shipping has to be paid by the consumer that is too much and is not consumer-friendly

Is Blackdoo com Legit to shop or not?

Is Blackdoo com Legit or not is a little tricky thing to answer. It hardly has any reviews online so either it is too new or actually spams that none wanted to take a risk.

Few portals tried putting some reviews which seem to be removed or locked somehow. Further, with several drawbacks and no size selecting an option, the site appears to be fishy.

What did consumers say about Blackdoo com? 

There are hardly any online reviews about the website. So it becomes difficult to care what people think or experienced with this site. It seems to be a new site, so probably reviews are not there yet.

Further, some reviewing portals have mentioned it as spam, and some suggested it as legit. 

Nowadays there are fake reviews too, and the company itself sometimes pitch in for its promotions by reviews.

So it is hard to conclude on the basis of reviews of this site.

Concluding note:

The site, no doubt, looks well designed and has a PayPal payment option. But still, it does not offer COD neither it clarifies much about shipping, and that makes the reliability f this website as low.

Further, the collection is amazing and tempting, but they do not accept returns for all of its products. Hence, it does not provide any customer-friendly experience to a shopper with so many drawbacks.

If it is a genuine site, we believe it will come up with something better to fix the problem areas. Until then, it seems too risky to invest in the site besides the collection look decent priced and amazing.

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  1. This clothing site also has a Rainbird Wifi module advertised for $40, which is like half the normal price. Tried to inquire with no response either phone or email. Lots of red flags. This site looks like a scam to me.

  2. i purchased a totally different product than what they’re offering on thier site. the price was too good to be true but I ordered it anyway since I paid through PayPal, im hoping it’s a legitimate site and I will get my item! the items description in my recipet didn’t mention the name and just showed some random item numbers!!!

  3. I believe this site is a scam. Placed an order on 6/17/2020 and haven’t received my item. I got an email saying my item was shipped but didn’t receive any tracking information. My item detail was random letters and numbers. Currently opening a dispute with PayPal to get my money back! Buyers beware!

  4. It is a scam and PayPal doesn’t care! I am on my third appeal! Calling credit card company tomorrow to dispute the charged. I have not received the griddle I ordered. My mistake for not doing my research on the site! They stole $99 from me.

  5. I placed an order on 6/27/20 and paid through Paypal. I did not receive an order confirmation but did get shipping notification through Paypal. The item never arrived. Dispute through Paypal was denied because they had a shipping/tracking number that said it was delivered. Even the tracking number showed the delivery was 5.5 lbs lighter than what I ordered without the packaging. I have learned my lesson.

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