Bikekat com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Bikekat com Scam?

Bikekat com Reviews (Nov 2020)

Bikekat com Review (Jan 2021) Is Bikekat com Scam? >> This article review will help you to assist the website that deals with various modern machinery and find out its legitimacy.

Bikekat com Review: The advancement in the field of technology and machinery saves the time of human beings. In the bygone era, doing simple work like cooking and cleaning the house consumes so much time. Now, modern machines like vacuum cleaners, induction plates, microwaves, and many more appliances save time and energy. 

Furthermore, electronic gadgets and modern machinery save the time of students and workers. For instance, a student can save their books in mobiles and laptops despite carrying heavy paper books. Today, we will introduce a website that deals with modern machinery and appliances. 

Further, every second person in the United States relies on modern machinery to save time from their busy schedules or work faster. This website has everything to save the time of a worker to an employee in a company. 

To know more about this website’s products and benefits, let us help you by expanding the website in detail.

A Few Words for Bikekat com

It is an online store that deals with modern appliances and machinery to save the time of working men and women. The products on this website help you to save time at home and in working places.

Further, it has the products like E-book readers, Steel counters and safe steel toolboxes, carpet wet dry cleaners, Hydraulic pump Motors, mobile and headphones, and stylish wristwatches, and many more products. 

 To know product quality and website service, we have to expand the website through Bikekat com Review.

Specification of Bikekat com 

  • URL: For shopping from this online store, customers have to click on
  • Products: This website deals with modern appliances and machinery to save time and energy like a hydraulic pump, Air conditioner, E-Book tablets, mechanical keyless deadbolt, Solar Street lights, Compact refrigerators, and many more. Apart from this, it also has products for entertainment like headphones and video games.
  • Product Description: This online store has useful product information in descriptions with its size details. Further, you can also find their applications in the description.
  • Shipping: This online store deals in various corners of the world, including the United States. The shipping time ranges from 15 days to 20 days.
  • Return and refund: For on-demand products, a return and refund policy is not applicable. But for regular products, you have the time of 24 hours after receiving the product.
  • Customer Support: To solve customer problems, it provides the email address
  • Secured connection: This online website has a secured connection with HTTPS and SSL to save your personal information.
  • Payment methods: This website accepts payments through PayPal.

Pros of shopping on Bikekat com 

  • There is no need to go anywhere to find modern equipment.
  • This online store has a secured connection with HTTPS and saves you data like bank details only on the server.
  • This website does home deliveries to your doorstep.
  • The website mentioned an email address for communication.

Cons of shopping on Bikekat com 

Let us know more about this website’s cons via Bikekat com Reviews.

  • This online store does not mention their physical address on the website. 
  • Also, this web store does not mention the contact number to solve customer queries on call.
  • This website does not have any official accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for product promotions. It creates dubious among customers.  
  • This website does not have an option for newsletter subscriptions. So, customers do not get any information about new products.
  • There are no reviews for product quality and services on the internet.
  • The provided email address for customer support is used by another website.

What did customers think about this website?

During the website’s expansion through Bikekat com Reviews, We don’t find any product review on its website and the internet. However, Star ratings are available in product descriptions, but the reasons for five stars ratings are not available. So, this website creates dubious for its legitimacy and its quality.

What did we conclude?

After exploring the website, we found this website is too new on the internet, and it has many drawbacks. The domain was created on 6th October 2020.  There is no physical address, no contact number, absence on social media, and given email is used by another website. Also, 5-star ratings are given but the reason behind ratings is not mentioned on the website. 

So, after analyzing the website through Bikekat com Reviews, we concluded that this website is suspicious and possibly a scam, and we suggest online shoppers stop shopping from this.

For further details, please contact us through the comments section. 

0 thoughts on “Bikekat com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is Bikekat com Scam?

  1. Ordered from here and no contact number. They took the money but no confirmation of product being shipped. Sounds like a scam please beware

  2. Bikekat is an absolute scam site. I was scammed by them personally. They use PayPal mainly.
    Do not use them!!!! They will take your money then send a fake delivery tracking number.

  3. I found this site as an AD on while searching For a mini fridge. I’m going to inquire to offerup to see if they know about them or verify they are legit

  4. This website is a total scam. Stay away and do not buy anything. I purchased Blink Cameras and paid thru PayPal. The website sent an email to PayPal with USPS tracking info. The tracking info showed the products were delivered about 2 hours after I ordered them. Further tracking info indicated that the items were shipped 3 days before I even ordered them on the website. How does that work. Somehow they are scamming the USPS tracking system as well.
    You’ve been warned. I lost $100. AVOID THIS WEBSITE AT ALL COSTS OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!

  5. placed an order twice because check out is wonky, no confirmation of order from site or paypal after transaction. contacted customer service, no response. receiving shipping info from paypal that shows the order was DELIVERED the day before i placed the order. AVOID.

    1. Placed a order haven’t received it its been three weeks I should have done some checking up on the site total scam I guess I’m out my 85 dollars live and learn scam scam scam!

  6. Scam. Paid via paypal, never received email confirmation or item. Filed dispute with paypal and within hours “Bikekat” had sent a USPS tracking number to Paypal as proof that they had delivered. The tracking number came up on the USPS tracking site, but was an absolute lie. The tracking history said the package was delivered a few hours after I filed the complaint, but we received nothing. Furthermore, the tracking history indicated they sent it a few days BEFORE the complaint and it originated from AMAZON.

  7. Do not ORDER anything from this website. If it seems too good to be true. It always is…. I ordered electric scooters for the kids and two hoverboards. They were so excited waiting in anticipation for the goods to show. Alas, the products NEVER SHOWED. …. The shipping info on PayPal did not match. I went to best buy and bought the kids the scooters and hoverboards at normal prices like I should of in the first place….I couldn’t disappoint them….

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