Online Websites Reviews Reviews {July} Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? Reviews Reviews {July} Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? The article has reviewed the online store selling sunglasses in varied variety and style.

All of you know that the present trend is of online store selling varieties of items. But stores are selling one product of many types, colors and claiming it to be of good quality. Reviews is reviewing online store selling sport sunglasses via online website 

The purpose of the review is to answer one specific question, Is Legit.

Please note this question. Try to apply your mind to finding the reason for reviewing a website. The idea is obvious: many online stores are getting floated in the United States daily. How can you verify whether the store is genuinely selling the product? Then whether the product will reach you on time if money is being demanded in advance? If a website claims to sell the products all over the world, then the method of delivery should also be evident. Prices should also be affordable. If a location is not right, return and refund policy is not correct, then even the website will not survive.

  Let us get the answer of many questions one by one.

What is 

Through Reviews, many questions are being analyzed. Like what are the types of products? What is the purpose of selling them online? And many more questions are also analyzed for assessing, and answering the question is Legit?

In it’s about us section, there is one separate part on the website, and the title of the article is Categories. In this section, has mentioned products as sports sunglasses. This observation of site one answers many questions, and that is the online store has recently floated one product in the market and may include many more in the future. It means is a recently floated website. Product prices are also specific and including a 10 percent discount. 

Specifications of 

  • Website URL:
  • Shipping: Free shipping in a few countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland
  • Delivery: 10 to 15 days
  • Return/Refund: Acceptable Within seven days excluding shipping charges
  • Payment Method: Via PayPal only.
  • Phone Number; (860) 983-9736
  • Name of the Owner: Bryan Steinmuller
  • Address of the company: 2955 Filbert St, Antioch, CA 94509 United States
  • Contact us:  Properly formatted page is prevailing 
  • Email address:

Pros of

  • Website is properly designed
  • The domain name is also professional
  • Purpose of the site is also mentioned as selling varieties of items via an online store
  • Contact address including phone number and email ID etc. are specified.
  • Prices usually are inclusive of a nominal 10 percent discount.
  • Return /Refund provision is there.
  • Social media feedback is available.

Cons of buying from

  • The website is recently launched.
  • Customer review column is not included,
  • The method of payment is via PayPal only it is a very limiting factor for those who do not have an account in PayPal.
  • As per the Alexa information website has a poor ranking because millions of website is coming every day and this site is not at all popular.
  • As per Google map review, an online store is being managed from home.

Is the website legit?

No poor customer review of the website is available because the website is recently launched. Based on our study of the site, we are also able to get all the answers to the questions like why to sell via online method? The answer is selling via home is a feasible deal keeping in view the prevailing market condition. Based on website reviews, it has also been observed that Domain has not been blacklisted so far. But website being recent, one should be careful before placing order.

Opinion of Customer

 On the website, there is no provision of customer testimony. The site is recently launched; hence getting the feedback of many customers is also not practically possible on social media.

Because customer reviews negative or positive is not available, it means the website is recent, and one should take all the precautions before placing the order for purchasing the product from online store.


From the About Us section, it is evident that the owner intends to sell many items in due time. Starting is from sports sunglasses. The website is professionally designed and has not received any remarks thus you should wait for sometime before finally buying anything from here. 

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  1. Just ordered from them. Total scam!!! No phone calls answered, no emails responded to. Save your money and go elsewhere!

  2. Ordered a Weber grill. Price was low, I was hoping it was legit. Ordered on 7/5. Status in PayPal says Shipped but no tracking number. As of 7/20 no item and the website is gone. Seems like a big scam. I will update in a week to see if website is back up or if I get my product.

  3. Ordered a cooler, paid with PayPal. Opened a dispute because no tracking number was provided. PayPal contacted the seller, he provided a tracking number that read delivered. I never received my item. There was nothing delivered. Checked my camera systems history, NO PACKAGES DELIVERED THAT DAY! Do not buy from this crook!

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