Barolashop Review (March 2021) Is This Site Legit?

Barolashop Review 2021

Barolashop Review (March 2021) Is This Site Legit? >> Read this article as this review gives a detailed overview of the electrical as well as household e-commerce website which looks suspicious.

The concern behind writing this – Barolashop Review is keeping you safe and updating with the most wanted information about the website. 

The website we are reviewing today is based in the Netherlands and some province of Belgium. You’ll see if you check the website. It is originally in Dutch but can be easily translated to English for your convenience. We wholeheartedly write our review bona fide in nature.

 If you are that kind of person who feels lousy to shop around for some electrical, jewellery, household accessories, and more varieties, without roaming in scorching heat or freezing then I feel you will indeed like our today’s article — Barolashop Review.

Keep reading to know more about the website.

What is Barolashop?

Barolashop is an e-commerce portal providing you with quite a variety of their products. The site claims to be loyal to its customers, considering it a big responsibility. They also say — that they keep working on their customer inquiries, their complaints believing that customer friendliness is quite important for being an online shop. 

They claim to have low prices comparing to their rival competitors. They believe in keeping their customer’s personal data save and secure, which is an excellent thing. Not many companies are concern about the customer like them. Yeah! This sounds exciting, right? Want to know more? 

Keep reading about — Barolashop Review. So, let us tell you about the products they make for you and sell you. The variety is quite impressive in that case- the effects vary from suits to masks for the pandemic. Claims are not even normal suits. 

There are alien-costumes available. They provide you with security cameras, cleaners, pendants, and magnetic floating speakers are the coolest thing I found on the said site. There are still much variety like steel racks, sandals, keratin treatments and rotating shelf rack for your convenience.

Specification of Barolashop 

In this, we will give you a detailed yet short overview of the most important needs of your in  Barolashop Review.

  • Website Link-
  • Products Offered – products vary from jewellery, electrical and household racks as well.
  • Creation Date- 01.March.2021
  • Email address:  not found
  • Shipping – it varies from 1-2 business days. An extensive product takes more days.
  • Cancellation- within 14 days.
  • Return/Exchange:  you need to contact customer service,  they’ll take upto three days.
  • Refund-. Within 14 days after the product reaches.
  • Address- not explicitly found.
  • Payment- not method found.


  • The product variety of the portal is wide.
  • The trust index of the portal is 47%
  • As per Barolashop Review, they provide free shipping due to pandemic reasons.
  • The company believes in offering the best customer service possible.
  • They have an option for a warranty on the products.
  • They are claiming low prices. 


  • No responsibility for damaged products in transit.
  • The customer or the delivery company is liable to manage the damage to the product in transit.
  • The responsibility of returning the package is yours.
  • The creation of the product is just 1week – 10 days ago, which makes it suspicious.
  • They are unable to provide us with their address.
  • Self-owned portal of customer complaints, no specific email or contact details.

Is Barolashop legit?

The whole point of Barolashop Review was to see if the site is – Legitimate or Scam.

  • Domain age – not old, just created a few weeks ago.
  • Confidence index- 47% , seems suspicious
  • Content Originality – It is 18% plagiarized.
  • Customer Reviews – Found on a negative rating scale.
  • Address- They were unable to mention that in their portal
  • Contact details- it was nowhere found on the portal.

Therefore the details above make it confusing to conclude it as legit or scam. We can say the website seems to be suspicious.

Barolashop Review 

The customer who used the said website claims that the products were not even delivered after taking the money. All of them are asking not to buy from the said website. The customer also noted that they paid the price and then got scammed by the website. 

Final verdict

As we have observed, the customer reviews and even the contact details are missing. We are not even claiming it to be legit as they don’t have good reviews. 

Neither they share contact details, nor the address, which makes us suspicious about the website. Keep reading! We are happy to help. Barolashop Review are found to be suspicious of our views. The article gives a detailed overview of the electrical as well as household e-commerce website.

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  1. ik heb 35 euro betaald op 6 maart 2021 en heb nog niets ontvangen en het mailadres bestaat niet meer

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