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Backde Reviews [July] – Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit?

Backde Reviews 2020

Backde Reviews [July] – Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit? >> The article is about the online ornaments store and its whereabouts.

Several online shops are women-centric shops, and it is called a targeted audience e-commerce website. But there are few fraudulent websites actively scamming buyers by making fake promises. It is essential to identify those scam websites. In this article, we will cover all the information about backed and verify that it Is Backde Legit or not.

You can also verify the website’s legitimacy by checking its contact address, information, and customer feedback. There are several cases in the United States reported fake and scam websites. To verify each scam website, those who are scammed must provide information about the fraud. 

This way, more people will get information about the fraud website and save their money from the scam website. A fraud website may also trick you by asking your bank details and credit card details like it is mandatory to fill. But it is suggested that never to submit any personal information. Please don’t fall into the trap of fake promises that they make via the website.

In this article, we will also cover the Backde Reviews by the customers.

What is is an online store that sells ladies jewelry, rings, pendants, various types of earrings, and other products. The shop includes items dedicated to women only. You can also get avail multiple offers on necklaces and ornaments. The website is also offering some discounts on a particular product.

The website is offering seven days of return time to all the buyers. They can return the product in two conditions first is if they received any wrong product or unsuitable products. And the second is if you are not satisfied with the product. At the time of return, the product must be in its original form and packaging. Any damaged or missing parts will not be considered as a return.

A customer can also ask for a refund. The company will return the full amount within seven business days. The return process may get delay due to occasions or holidays. But during our analysis of the website, we didn’t find any reviews by the customers, the address mentioned in the site is not verified, and it is the fake address. The website is not having any availability in social media, and all these activities show that 


  • Email Id –
  • Contact Number – (281) 806-6977
  • Contact Person – Efrain Magallanes
  • Address – 3245 Rivers Ave Sc 29405, Charleston Sc, SC 29405 United States

Pros of

  • is an online store that sells women jewelry, rings, pendants different sorts of hoops, and different items. 
  • You can likewise get various profit proposals on pieces of jewelry and trimming, the site is additionally offering a few limits on specific items. 
  • It offers seven days of return time to all the purchasers. They can return the item in a few conditions like on the off chance that they got any off-base item or crisscrossed items.

Cons of

  • The website does not have any customer base, and that is why there are   no reviews available
  • The website does not have any presence in the social networking site
  • We found no comments or reviews of the product given by the buyers
  • The address provided on the website is fake
  • The contact number is not working, it seems the owner is trying to misguide the buyers

Is Backde Legit?

The website is not having any customer reviews, and the address mentioned on the website is not legit. It seems that the owner is misleading the buyers by providing a fake address. The website is not available on any social networking platform. So, according to us, buyers should avoid this site.

What are customers saying about

We found no Backde Reviews by the customers. There is no presence over social media so that we can check any comments or reviews there. We noticed some articles where it is mentioned as a scam website.


During our analysis, we don’t find any point that we declare it as a legit site. We saw every aspect of the website where the absence of customer reviews and false contact addresses indicating that it is an untrustworthy website. We suggest that you should avoid this kind of scam site. But to buy or not it is up to your choice. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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