Aulavirtualie Edu Com {Oct} Teachers-Virtual Tech-How!


Aulavirtualie Edu Com {Oct} Teachers-Virtual Tech-How! >> Teacher facing issue in online sessions due to lack of technological knowledge, read the article.

The education sector is poorly hit amidst the pandemic, and schools are shut for many months. The virtual classes are taking over the traditional model of education. Now, people prefer it safe to sit in their homes and study.

Many websites are coming up in the education industry that offers many courses for students in different fields. In the Dominican Republic, one such website came up that is available in two languages that is Spanish and English. 

The article is on the website ‘Aulavirtualie Edu Com that will give you a virtual learning experience. The virtual classroom is helpful with many courses to different age groups of people. Read the entire article to get details about the programs. 

What is Aulavirtualie Edu Com?

Aulavirtualie is a Spanish website of the Dominican Republic that is in the field of education. The website aims to guide teachers on how to do online teaching.  

The teachers were teaching in the classroom until now, but now due to the pandemic, teachers face problems teaching the children online and conducting virtual classes. Many at times the teachers need various know how of teaching online. The website ‘Aulavirtualie Edu Com’ will solve the problem.

Why are classes shifting online?

Since March 2020, all the educational institutions are shut, and no classes are taking place in the traditional form. Initially, everyone thought that the pandemic would be over very soon, and school classes will be taking place as usual, but, now seeing the condition of the virus spreading like wildfire, there is a need to continue the school online. 

The classes cannot take place in schools as there is a fear of virus spreading. Thus, the solution is the digital world, and now teachers and the institutions have to start teaching online. But, everyone is not well-versed with the use of technology, and this is where the website ‘Aulavirtualie Edu Com’ comes in place.

Phases of Course available on the website:

  • Induction workshop platform one to one: The course is for the teachers and the new instructors to virtual teaching. This course will help them to understand the basics of teaching virtually and what all things are essential to keep in mind while training.
  • Training of facilitator phase two: After the induction program, the participants now indulge in learning about conducting the classes virtually.
  • Training of facilitator phase three: The participants learn different strategies for conducting classes and the digital features of various portals that allow the virtual classes to happen.

Digital Tools Training:

Amidst the coronavirus, the website ‘Aulavirtualie Edu Com’ came up with a course targeting all the teachers and directors to learn the digital tools available on the internet.  

The digital mode of training and conducting classes is challenging. Thus, the website came up with this course where the teachers and the directors will learn about digital platforms, video calls, and teaching meetings and classes.


The final verdict is that the website is a solution to many teachers’ problems because of the lack of technological knowledge. The website ‘Aulavirtualie Edu Com’ will help teachers become technologically competitive and successfully conduct virtual classes.

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