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Athomehood Reviews [May] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Athomehood Reviews 2020

Athomehood Reviews [May] Is It A Scam or Legit? -> This article is about the authenticity of a popular ecommerce site in the USA that is dealing with household, home décor, and other wellness products.  

Are you looking for a place to buy all your home and kitchen products online? Have you ever heard about Athomehood?

According to the Athomehood Reviews, the seller has the regular boring products with distinctive twists.

To cope with the busy schedule, people look for the place where they get different kinds of products under one roof. It is the reason most of the ecommerce sites in the USA are equipped with all types of products such as kitchenware, entertainment and gaming tools, paramedical products, home décor, and toys for kids, etc.

Athomehood is one of the online stores that cater to all of the home and entertainment products, including garden entertainment, home decor, and holiday equipment. Some of the products are fit for your pets too.
Well, it is one of those popular ecommerce websites in the United State where people are getting most of the home products, including entertainment products.

What is Athomehood?

The seller Athomehood has claimed that they have already launched more than 100 best seller home products for the new and well as the old homeowners. At the same time, you will get a lot of wellness products such as electric pedicure deices.

You will get hair straighteners or crimper, a different type of game and entertainment items like tennis trainer or automatic ball launcher, etc. on this site. Almost all cutleries like cake cutter, designer spoons, kitchen racks, thermal lunch box, and many more are available here.

They have one goal- amazing products at a fantastic price. The thing that makes the site different from any other website is their type of collections. You will not get boring kitchenware and the same old gifts. On the contrary, the seller has presented you simple-everyday thing in a new way. Almost all the products are customized or one of a kind.

Is Athomehood legit?

The Internet is full of dodgy websites. Therefore, most people are concerned about their money before placing the order on any online ecommerce site. Therefore, a lot of people want to know about the authenticity of the website‘s Athomehood. Here, we are going to discuss every aspect of the site. Also, we will provide an expert’s opinion. Keep reading.

Specifications of Athomehood:

  • Product: Household and kitchenware
  • Website: https://www.athomehood.com/
  • Email id: service013@manyhnice.com
  • Contact No.: (Not mentioned)
  • Address: (Not mentioned)
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping
  • Shipping time: 2 to5 business days to process your order.
  • Delivery: 7 to 12 business days after shipping
  • Return/ Refund: Returns within 45 days of delivery. Return shipping is free.
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Amex

Benefits of buying from Athomehood

  • You can get a lot of household products on a single website
  • Products are not innovative but straightforward
  • In the entertainment section, you will get pioneering gaming products
  • A lot of wellness products for both men and women are there on this website.
  • The sellers do not charge any shipping for product delivery in most of the places in the world.
  • Also, you will get free shipping while exchanging.
  • Affordable price

Disadvantages of buying from Athomehood

  • There is no authentic address or contact no on the website
  • Customers have no choice to contact the helpline or customer care.
  • Delivery delayed in the remote places of the country.
  • No cash on delivery is available.

Customer’s review:

Although there is a long description section with relevant video, there is no review section. Therefore, you cannot find the experience of the previous buyers. You must have relied on the description of the products and the price. This is the reason buyers hesitate while buying for the very first time.

Well, the best thing is, the seller are very active in their social media pages. People love to live in the virtual world these days. As a result, first-time buyers have faith in this website.

Another reason why people hesitate purchasing from the site is the absence of their contact no. or helpline number. They want an online store that can support them when they need the most.

The Final Verdict:

Lastly, after a thorough introspects of the website Athomehood, we have come to the point that Athomehood is not a scam. Although the customers have no way to contact the past buyers directly or cannot find the website on the top rank of google search, it is not an illegal or dodgy website. Therefore, we suggest you purchase from the site.

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  1. I ordered an item from them and the charge never went in however there were 3 large charges made on my card from china. Had to cancel card to stop charges

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