Artis Terlibat Macau Scam (Oct) Protect Yourself!

Artis Terlibat Macau Scam 2020.
Artis Terlibat Macau Scam (Oct) Protect Yourself! >> This article tells you about a scam that resulted in a loss of billions. Please have a look at the details now.

The Macau scam, or also trending as the Artis Terlibat Macau Scam, is a scam that recently took place in Malaysia. It is a matter of widespread attention in the country and has received a lot of media attention. The event took a turn for the worse when some celebrities were linked with it. The scam has, supposedly, robbed users of billions of dollars.

For security reasons, most of the details are being kept under wrap. However, if you want to know more about it, please stay with us as we’ll uncover all the details to obtain information about this scam that has shocked the entire population of Malaysia.

What is the Macau Scam?

The scam has created panic in the country, and special investigation teams have been performed to determine the parties behind this scam and everyone responsible for carrying it out. 

Its name comes from the fact that the first three victims of this scam were from the Macau region of Malaysia

How does this scam work? 

The Artis Terlibat Macau Scam and the people behind it rob users in many ways. Some of them are given below:

  • The scammers call the users and tell them they’ve won an exclusive prize. To claim the prize, they’ll have to make a small payment. After making the payment, the users have confirmed that they didn’t receive any gift. 
  • The scammers call you with an automatically generated voice and claim to be a government official. They’ll accuse you of being a part of some illegal activities and will ask you to transfer some money.
  • Scammers also call the users, informing them that their payments have failed. They claim that to avoid any loss of money, they must pay a small charge.
  • These scammers’ most immoral methods are that they claim to have kidnapped a member of your family. They ask for a large sum of money for them to be released. In most cases, the kidnapping is a bluff

Recent developments in the investigation

Some of the recent developments in the Artis Terlibat Macau Scam investigation is given below.

  • Agencies like the MACC are investigating this scam to find out the people responsible for it.
  • The investigation is also receiving a fair amount of media coverage.
  • New people are allegedly linked to the case every day.
  • Recently, a popular actor and a female lawyer were brought in to assist the MACC with the case.
  • The two allegedly have about a million followers on social media and run a business.
  • Their identity is, however, kept secret.

Final Verdict

Scams like Artis Terlibat Macau Scam are harmful and pose a threat to the security of the users. Several people believed to be linked to this scam have refused to testify, and the investigation is still ongoing. The MACC has given them some time to appear in the court. 

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