Reviews – Read It Before Ordering Any Product Reviews 2020 Reviews – Read It Before Ordering Any Product -> In this article, you will know about online shopping for the latest fitness clothing and accessories.

Are you a fitness freak? Are you looking for an exhaustive range of jaw-dropping outfits that are both fashionable and comfortable? Then is an ideal website for all your stylish clothing needs. 

The reliability and trustworthiness of this website is pretty much evident with the buyers’ feedback given at Reviews

Ariatus deals in stylish, fashionable, and fitness-specified clothing for fitness conscious and style-friendly people all across the globe. When it comes to authentic online customer service brands, this brand tops the list without bragging about it. 

The trend and fashion of Ariatus is rising in the United State with each passing day. The shopaholics there are finding shopping with this brand to be fun, functional, and productive. But how worthy is Ariatus of their money? 

The purpose of Reviews is to provide its readers and valuable buyers with the most authentic and essential information about the website. Detailed information about the site, specifications, pros, and cons are here. You will also get the answer to your frequently asked question –Is Legit? Or not.

What is Ariatus? deals in online selling of products related to fitness outfits, and accessories for women. 

You can explore a wide variety of stylish tops, fashionable sports bra with mesh, high-waist heathers, yoga shorts, shockproof fitness bras, yoga mats, fitness weightlifting half-finger gloves, fit-resistant fitness bands, fitness stability and balance ball, soft non-slip soles, non-slip exercise yoga mats, sock leggings, and much more. 

If you have a fancy for shopping the latest collection of fitness outfits in breathable fabrics, then the website has a lot to offer you. You can select your product by referring to the size guide available on 

So, women fashionistas get ready to take your fitness madness to the next level with the latest trends and styles of women’s clothing and accessories. Finest quality products, affordable prices, exclusive offers, and hassle-free shipping are some of the significant features of this website, as extracted from Reviews. At the same time, we would also like to let you know that before making your purchase, kindly go through the website details mentioned below.

Specifications of

  • Website- women fitness clothing and accessories
  • Shipping time- 7-25 working days
  • Return- 30 days the date of purchase
  • Exchange- applicable for limited products only
  • Mode of payment- Online

 Is Legit?

This fashion and fitness apparel website is serving the fitness needs of people in the United State and other countries for a long time. The site provides an authenticate payment method with hassle-free shipping methods and processes. In recent times, trusting any online portal or platform has become a devastating task, especially when it comes to payment methods. In a short time, has gained worldwide popularity.

The answer to is legit is sure YES, in all caps. Complete and detailed information is available about every product on the website. The only drawback or lacuna here is whether the quality of the product matches the image on the site. The slight variation in product quality doesn’t make the website illegitimate or scam. It happens with top brands as well. Thus, this website is legit to among top fashion brands. 

Pros of shopping from Ariatus:

  • Latest, stylish and trendy collection of fitness clothing and accessories
  • Cost-effective pricing system
  • Easy exchange, return, and refund process
  • High-quality product 

Cons of buying from Ariatus:

  • Payment mode is Online only
  • Images differ from the original product
  • Exchange is not applicable for all products
  • Address and contact number is not available on the site

What are the customers saying about

The Reviews reveal that a significant number of customer opinions are about the unavailability of contact details. Customer reviews, ratings, and address of the company is not available on the website. We have collected these reviews from certain other consumer websites for you. 

Customer feedbacks and opinions were about receiving damaged products as well. The issue, however, was resolved with the website’s convenient exchange and return process. And they got easy refunds for their product. Some reviews states that the product they received resembled the image on the website. 

On the other hand, some buyers had issues both with the orders and refunds. In some cases, customers did not receive the items, and refund status stood unknown too. Due to the unavailability of address and contact details, conveying the issue was troublesome. 

Final Verdict

With the enhancement of services and advanced technology and customer support, the website is working on customer issues and queries. The product information is mentioned in detail with a full-fledged size chart for reference. 

We recommend this website to shop their fitness favorite outfits and accessories as the site is authentic and trustworthy. And this portal is undoubtedly not a scam and is legit.

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  1. They are thieves. Placed order, cancelled with 24hrs, still not received my money back. Very disappointed.

  2. Work coats are junk, zippers only last two to three months under normal use, my wife bought two of them for me and that’s all I got out of the zippers

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