Aqueduct COVID Vaccine (Feb) Latest Vaccine News Here

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Aqueduct COVID Vaccine (Feb) Latest Vaccine News Here -> Find out about a mass vaccination site in New York where the ongoing vaccination drive is going on.

Do you want to know about the mass vaccination distribution center? People are searching for info related to Aqueduct COVID Vaccine as they want to know about the places that are serving as the vaccination distribution destinations. 

Due to the ongoing vaccination drive in the United States, many facilities like grocery stores, racing tracks are being turned into vaccination sites. As a famous racetrack in the country, Aqueduct also joined the vaccination drive to help the authorities speed up the process. 

Continue reading as we let you know more about it here. 

About Aqueduct 

Before sharing details about the Aqueduct COVID Vaccine, let’s find out more about Aqueduct. It is a racing facility located in New York City. New York Racing Association operates the facility. 

The Aqueduct racetrack was opened for the first time in 1894. It is a place of historical significance where thoroughbred racing takes place. Now that you have an idea about what this place is all about, let’s find out what the connection is between the racetrack and the COVID-19 distribution program. 

What is Aqueduct COVID Vaccine

On 18th January, the first floor of the racing facility was turned into a COVID-19 vaccination distribution center. It became a vaccination site run by the state of New York. 

In 2020, when the pandemic was wreaking havoc in New York City, this racing facility’s parking lot was used for testing purposes. 

Keep reading this post, as we share other key details here about this racetrack that is being used for COVID-19 vaccine program. 

Things to know about it: 

  • Aqueduct is the only racetrack facility within the limits of the city. 
  • The racetrack is located in Queens. 
  • Aqueduct COVID Vaccine center is among many other locations in the city. 
  • Since 18th January, the racetrack facility is used for administering the COVID-19 vaccine to the people who are eligible to receive it during the first phase.  
  • The facility’s first floor is being used for the vaccination drive. 
  • Individuals should contact the authorities to scheduling appointments. 
  • Several similar sites are suspending operations due to the snow. 

Recent news related to it:

Many people are searching online about this facility as many mass vaccination sites in New York are closing down due to the harsh climatic conditions. However, as per the info available, the Aqueduct racetrack will remain open. Authorities urge people to contact the centers to receive the latest info. 

Concluding remarks

In the above Aqueduct COVID Vaccine post, we have shared all the essential info about the ongoing vaccination drive taking place in the racetrack located in Queens, New York, in the United States. The racing facility is being used for COVID-19 distribution. 

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