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Sometimes it’s better to stay away from something, like this scam.

Scams are now taking place every day and everywhere; mostly, online scams are different. It’s impossible to stop these scammers, but we can at least be aware and protect ourselves, right?

Nowadays, just opening a single link from your phone from a scammer, it may lead to emptying your bank balance, so it’s risky to open any suspicious link. Staying away from such links is the best option.

Today Legit will discuss such an application, which is very popular about which you should be aware of.

People in the United States and around the globe should stay away from, so let’s go ahead with the details.

What is Applibrary?

It is an online application that is a replica of the Google play store in downloading applications. In simple words, it is a website that is an online library consisting of applications that can be downloaded easily and also which are not available on other application downloading platforms. The website was recently launched on the 6th of March 2020 and gained popularity in the United States. Safe reveals that this website showcases famous apps like mine craft, Pokémon go, call of duty, among us, and so on.

The reason why people are opting for this website is that the downloading is easy, and there are so many applications that are available on it which are not there on the play store or which were removed from the play store. 

How does it go about?

When the website is launched on the browser, you will see many apps displayed. Click on the desired app, and the section is saying a download needed page will be redirected. Now, this is how you get scammed; Safe reveals that no app store asks you for device verification. It says scam. Here is the trick they use; they will ask the user to give device verification for downloading.

For device verification, the website will give you some tasks, like playing games to earn rewards. 

What is the scam all about?

By device verification, you’re risking your privacy; it may lead to the leaking of your information. As per the reviews on the internet, it’s a hazardous website and has scammed many people this way.

This scam is all about some bizarre applications, which may tempt many users to opt for this site and hence Safe is not safe.

 As we know, if Google play store bans a  particular application its due to valid reasons, and if the same application is shown here, then it pretty much sums up how risky this website can be.   

So staying away from such websites is the best thing. 


So this is a clear red signal, so it’s better staying away from this website. It is highly recommended to anyone. The trust levels for this website are deficient. The website has many negative reviews making it very suspicious and not advisable to visit this site. Legit discloses that this scam is real, and you should not stake your privacy at risk. 

Please write down your views on this website in the comment section below.

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